Cloud Version 28

Das Release 28 ist da und hat schicke Neuerungen im Gepäck. Auf euch warten Updates der globalen Suche sowie bei der Nutzung von Widgets. Hier entlang!

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Update: Globale Suche

Suchen wird übersichtlicher! Die Suchtreffer werden jetzt in Segmente unterteilt - jedes zeigt die drei aktuellsten Treffer. So könnt ihr die Ergebnisliste besser scannen. Und nicht nur das: Ihr könnt jetzt einsehen, wann genau das Element zuletzt modifiziert wurde.

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Widgets verschieben

Für die perfekte Anordnung eurer Inhalte: Ab jetzt ist es in vielen Bereichen von COYO möglich, Widgets ganz einfach per Drag & Drop zu verschieben.

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Technische Änderungen

Hier findet ihr alles rund um technische Anpassungen, Fehlerbehebungen und Änderungen der Sprachschlüssel.
Aufgrund der technischen Begriffe ist der folgende Teil der Release Notes auf Englisch.


  • When a user toggles the moderator mode, API users will now to reissue their API token.

  • Reduced file size of COYO icons and thus improved CCS loading time.

  • Launchpad link preview images are not saved duplicated anymore for the same URL.

  • Improvement: Messages for custom apps for MS Teams can be overridden via respective env variables.Tech update note: To overwrite the messages of the teams bot via env variable it is necessary to add the env variable to the docker-compose files.

  • Users are no longer logged out due to an update containing an incompatible framework update or other refactorings regarding the security context (though other log-outs may still occur due to different reasons, e.g. client-side changes in native App).

  • User export endpoint maximum page size will be reduced from 1000 to 100 on, This parameter is configurable by COYO_USER_EXPORT_MAX_PAGESIZE environment variable.

  • COYOFOUR-13801 Users who have selected German as their system language always experience that they cannot read the complete button text within the password reset.

  • COYOFOUR-13775 Users received lots of 500 error responses for various requests if the settings key for multi language did not exist.

  • COYOFOUR-13720 Batch job history cleanup did not work if there were already too many jobs in the history.

  • COYOFOUR-13674 External users always experienced not being able to use auto translations for posts/comments.

  • COYOFOUR-13669 Users always experienced that a logout is only done locally if the SAML SSO provider is configured to use global logout.

  • COYOFOUR-13603 Users always experienced that long names of event hosts did not ellipse.

  • COYOFOUR-13602 Users rarely experienced a wrong behavior for like buttons and counts.

  • COYOFOUR-13601 Users always experienced not being able to delete an additional language in a multi-language blog article.

  • COYOFOUR-13593 Users always experienced that edit in Office did not work anymore on Windows 10.

  • COYOFOUR-13574 Users always experienced that by entering a search term and clicking enter a private event gets created instantly.

  • COYOFOUR-13557 Users sometimes experienced that they can't access the page options on mobile devices.

  • COYOFOUR-13545 Users always experienced not being able to invite groups as members to a community despite having the right "invite groups".

  • COYOFOUR-13543 Users rarely experienced a wrong behavior for like buttons and counts.

  • COYOFOUR-13528 Admins always experienced the label of a 'Content' app in the navigation settings of a page to be shown in English, irrespective of their configured language.

  • COYOFOUR-13507 Admins always experienced being able to enter the edit mode of 'Code' widgets without being in moderator mode.

  • COYOFOUR-13493 Users always experienced a broken layout when zooming into an image on mobile devices.

  • COYOFOUR-13481 Native App users always experienced not receiving push notifications for new blog articles.

  • COYOFOUR-13447 Admins always experienced that local groups need to be reassigned to SAML JIT users after they login.

  • COYOFOUR-13404 Admins sometimes experienced unsaved changes of widgets to not disappear immediately.

  • COYOFOUR-13385 Admins always experienced a missing 'cancel' option when editing a Content app.

  • COYOFOUR-13352 Admins always experienced that the teaser widget can't be changed via CSS.

  • COYOFOUR-13333 Users sometimes experienced issues finding users when trying to invite them to an event.

  • COYOFOUR-13284 Users always experienced that they can't add blog articles that contain a teaser image to the launchpad.

  • COYOFOUR-13258 Users rarely experienced an outdated info regarding the latest author of files shown in the documents app.

  • COYOFOUR-13245 Users always experienced not being able to mention users with unsupported special characters in profile fields.

  • COYOFOUR-13176 Users always experienced that blog teaser linebreaks are ignored in timeline shares.

  • COYOFOUR-13175 Native App users sometimes experienced a misspelled push notification.

  • COYOFOUR-13081 Admins always experienced that they had to select a specific wiki app in order to be able to add a latest wiki articles widget.

  • COYOFOUR-13043 User sometimes experienced uploaded images to be rotated from the preview to the final view.

  • COYOFOUR-13007 Users always experienced that the "Add app" button is not working on mobile.

  • COYOFOUR-12977 Admins sometimes experienced the contacts zip file for the native app not being generated.

  • COYOFOUR-12678 Users always experienced not being able to immediately follow colleagues after having logged in via SSO.

  • COYOFOUR-12565 Users always experienced that the layout of RSS widgets breaks if the widget contains longer words/links.

  • COYOFOUR-12513 Users always experienced a wrong icon color inside the subscription widget.

  • COYOFOUR-12430 Users always experienced that they can not delete homepages on mobile devices.

  • COYOFOUR-12240 Users always experienced after deleting a comment in the list/document app detail view, an error toast (Error-code 500) appears and the comment is still visible for the author.

  • COYOFOUR-12091 Users always experienced that the subscription widget still shows the workspace area even though workspaces are completely inactivated.

  • COYOFOUR-12062 Users rarely experienced wrong text truncation in launchpad categories.

  • COYOFOUR-11999 Users sometimes experienced the left sidebar not opening on burger menu button click.

  • COYOFOUR-11448 Admins always experienced a missing space in the user management when filtering for all users and show users that will be anonymized.

  • COYOFOUR-11095 Moderators sometimes experienced that private events are viewable in the "Upcoming Events" widget even though the user normally can't access them.

  • COYOFOUR-10524 Admins always experienced that they can't delete invalid created workspaces.

  • COYOFOUR-10048 Admins always experienced that a link to a page category overview doesn't work as a homepage.

  • COYOFOUR-9346 Admins always experienced that "immutable" doesn't work for user profile field "birthday".

  • COYOFOUR-9313 Users rarely experienced being able to vote on closed polls.

  • COYOFOUR-9074 Admins always experienced that linebreaks in page descriptions don't work.

  • COYOFOUR-7250 Users always experienced the count for following users to be off by one in the respective notification.




  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.INTEGRATIONS.EVENTS.G_SUITE.HINT,"Events you are attending will automatically appear in your Google calendar."


  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.INTEGRATIONS.EVENTS.OFFICE_365.HINT,"Events you are attending will automatically appear in your Office calendar."


  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.INTEGRATIONS.EVENTS.SUCCESS,"Event synchronization has successfully been {activated, select, no {deactivated} yes {activated} other {updated}}."




  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.PASSWORD.CONFIRM.HELP,"Enter your new password **again**"


  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.PASSWORD.HELP,"Enter your **current** password"



  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.PASSWORD.NEW.HELP,"Enter your **new** password"



  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.PASSWORD.SUCCESS,"Your password has been changed."


  • MODULE.ACCOUNT.SETTINGS.TIMEZONE.SUCCESS,"Your time zone has been changed to {timezone}"

  • MODULE.SEARCH.HEADLINE.RESULT,"See all {count} results"

  • NOTIFICATIONS.USER.FOLLOW_TWO,"*{s1}* and one other person are now following you."


























  • TIME_AGO.LAST.MODIFIEDAT,"Last modified at"

  • VALIDATION.ERROR.PASSWORDCONFIRM,"Input must match your new password"

  • VALIDATION.ERROR.PASSWORDPATTERN,"Input must contain six letters and contain a number"


  • WIDGET.SLOT.OPTIONS.DRAG_WIDGET,"Move the widget by drag & drop"


  • VALIDATION.ERROR.PASSWORDPATTERN,"Input must be a valid password"

Minor & Patch Release Notes

  • Release Notes 28.1.0
  • Release Notes 28.1.1
  • Release Notes 28.1.2
  • Release Notes 28.2.0
  • Release Notes 28.3.0
  • Release Notes 28.3.1
  • Release Notes 28.4.0
  • Release Notes 28.5.0
  • Release Notes 28.5.1
  • Release Notes 28.6.0
  • Release Notes 28.6.1
  • Release Notes 28.6.2
  • Release Notes 28.7.0
  • Release Notes 28.7.1
  • Release Notes 28.7.2
  • Release Notes 28.7.3
  • Release Notes 28.8.0
  • Release Notes 28.8.1

Release Notes 28.1.0

Technical updates

  • COYOFOUR-13678 Tech improvement: Reduced the number of request needed to render a widget layout.


  • COYOFOUR-13508 Users always experienced that the previously selected file of the single file widget is missing in edit view.

  • COYOFOUR-13831 Users always experienced that they no longer receive notifications when a file has been uploaded to a documents app.

Release Notes 28.1.1

Language keys


  • WIDGET.FACEGAME.GAME_DESCRIPTION.ONE,"Do you know all your colleagues?"

  • WIDGET.FACEGAME.GAME_DESCRIPTION.TWO,"Test yourself with this little quiz."

Release Notes 28.1.2


  • COYOFOUR-13881 Users sometimes experienced false license warnings.

Release Notes 28.2.0


  • Users now have the option to sort their search results by modified date.

  • Tech improvement: Login and logout bindings of a SAML authentication provider can now be configured to use either POST or GET-REDIRECT.

  • Users now benefit from a refined order of the search type segments in the "all" section of the global search.


  • Users sometimes experienced the count of followers of an auto-subscribe private page not being displayed correct.

  • Admins always experienced that removing an admin user from a channel and adding him/her again makes him/her admin again .

  • Admins always experienced that leaving the moderator mode doesn't work when using the moderator mode indicator for deactivation.

  • Users always experienced that HTML is shown as the event description when searching for an event.

  • Users rarely experienced an overflowing HTML-Widget.

  • Users sometimes experienced dates in the 'Upcoming birthdays' widget to be not layouted correctly.

  • Users sometimes experienced an empty context menu for comments in the timeline.

  • Users always experienced that when attaching images to the reply within a forum app, the image is displayed blurry.

  • Users always experienced that they can not open files from Sharepoint on iOS devices.

  • Admins always experienced the "Displayname" from AD users getting deleted in COYO even though "Name" isn't configured in the AD settings.

  • Users always experienced that the Sharepoint info text for no results is not fully displayed in german.

  • Admins sometimes experienced that group names did not allow for non-alphabet characters when imported via CSV Import.

  • Users sometimes experienced errors when posting links.

  • Admins always experienced that changes to the authentication provider details could not be made without having to re-enter the private key.

  • Admins always experienced that the existence of SAML JIT removes all entries from user directory dropdown in users' advanced configuration.

  • Users always experienced issues when trying to open links on a document's preview.

  • User always experienced that the blog article widget doesn't show the image like it has been cropped when the article was created.

  • Admins always experienced that the url field in the configuration of the iframe widget is vulnerable to cross site scripting.

  • Users sometimes experienced the size of the teaser images within the latest blog article widget to differ on mobile devices.

  • Users sometimes experienced missing receivers in notifications.

  • Users always experienced that when they open the help button in the search section, the examples of the search operators do not always make sense.

  • Users always experienced a 'not-allowed' info when accessing the launchpad if they haven't granted the permission to for M365.

  • Users always experienced that the sticky label is out of place.

  • Admins always experienced that the multi language settings for apps are messed up after update to v26.

  • Admins always experienced not being able to adjust the wording in the invitation mail for external community members.

  • Admins always experienced that the user role of external community members was still called external workspace members.

  • Admins always experienced that the homepages navigation bar is not displayed when a homepage contains the slug of a page/ community as 'Custom URL' after the update to v. 27.2.2.

  • Users always experienced seeing an outdated date if an all-day event was edited and moved to a new date.

  • Users always experienced not being able to open or download files that are attached to old or new forum threads.

  • Users always experienced that they do not receive a notification when a hashtag they are subscribed to is used in a post.

  • Users always experienced not being able to insert an image into the RTE when they use the RTE in full screen mode.

  • Users always experienced a contextually unfitting icon next to the 'delete event' button.

  • Users always experienced that the channel button still shows up even if a user does not have the channel permission.

  • Users always experienced not being able to add a plug-in widget if the plug-in doesn't have a specified description.

  • Admins sometimes experienced that the "Latest blog article" widget is broken after an update to version 25.

  • Users always experienced that the user chooser for events did not return any results when searching with special characters.

  • Users sometimes experienced false license warnings.

  • Admins always experienced that the name of a file cannot be adjusted in the single file widget.

  • Users always experienced absent context menu with editing tools while editing a blog or wiki article.

  • Users always experienced not being able to vote within a poll widget after updating to version 25.

  • Users always experienced that the text from the "Latest files" widget overlaps in Safari browser.

  • Admins always experienced a database migration failing when notifications had null values as authorId.

  • Users always experienced that there are no more suggestions shown for the global search when there are no results.

Release Notes 28.3.0


  • Tech improvement: COYO's referrer policy has been set to "strict-origin-when-cross-origin" to allow for a better integration with external tools such as the enterprise video platform movingimage.

  • Admins can now upload SVG files as the logo for the navigation bar which will prevent blurriness.

Technical updates

  • Admins can now upload SVG files as the logo for the navigation bar which will prevent blurriness.

  • Allows magic links from native App


  • User always experienced timeline shares not being shown when a page changes from private to a public.

  • Users always experienced that the "follow users" dialogue is shown in the tour although the respective permission is missing.

  • Users always experienced that in the poll widget no voters are shown after anonymous poll is updated to be non-anonymous.

  • Users sometimes experienced that the single file widget does not show the file preview.

  • Admins always experienced that cancelled changes inside of a blog article are getting saved anyway.

  • Admins always experienced that the blog article widget doesn't find articles when the title starts with a hashtag.

  • Users always experienced that when they copy a wiki-link in Firefox and paste it into the timeline, the internal link preview is not displayed correctly.

  • Users always experienced empty language keys shown for the "Who is that"widget.

  • Admins always experienced an issue with bulk indexing for blog article search reindexing.

  • Users sometimes experienced already sent chat messages marked as unsent after some time.

  • Users always experienced profile fields losing information when editing multiple profile fields at the same time.

  • External users always experienced having access to all events.

  • Admins sometimes experienced the HTML widget to show integrated content without line breaks.

  • "Users always experienced that the "reload page" button was not working in the safari browser after being logged out when connection got lost.

  • <br/>

  • "

  • Admins always experienced that line breaks are ignored within the description of the poll widget.

  • User always experienced a broken preview for PDFs.

  • User always experienced that when they enter a bigger chat message which doesn't fit into the box you can't scroll to the end.

  • Admins always experienced that the latest blog article widget shows an error message and no blog apps if a selected blog app gets deleted.

  • Users sometimes experienced that the user chooser in the last step of creating a private event is empty and doesn't show any users to invite.

  • Users sometimes experienced that they can not invite members to an event after the event's creation.

  • Users always experienced that the color of the widget edit frame is not customizable.

  • Tech improvement: COYO's referrer policy has been set to &quot;strict-origin-when-cross-origin&quot; to allow for a better integration with external tools such as the enterprise video platform movingimage.

  • Admins can now upload SVG files as the logo for the navigation bar which will prevent blurriness.

  • Reduce database load on user directory sync when user group assignments change


Release Notes 28.3.1


  • Users always experienced the voters modal within the poll widget opening in the background.

  • Admins always experienced es-logs files not getting removed.

  • Admins always experienced es-logs files not getting removed.

  • Users always experienced the voters modal within the poll widget opening in the background.


Release Notes 28.4.0


  • Users can now see the teaser images of the latest blog article widget being displayed in the correct aspect ratio.

  • M365 integration can now handle global data locations with Multi-Geo capabilities in Microsoft 365.

  • Permission for homepages in native Ap has been introduced. Please wait with the activation of this feature until homepages are supported by native App.


  • COYOFOUR-14573 Tech improvement: Performance improvements by optimising database queries for selecting timeline item share targets.

  • COYOFOUR-14347 Tech improvement: the query execution time of findForUser was improved.


  • COYOFOUR-14759 Users always experienced that pressing 'Cancel' in the 'Unsaved changes' modal in an 'RTE' widget deletes the entire widget.

  • COYOFOUR-14694 Tech improvement: speed up database query for selecting wiki/blog app when configuring widgets.

  • COYOFOUR-14692 Admins sometimes experienced that the search in the 'User profile' widget does not working properly.

  • COYOFOUR-14572 Users always experienced not being able to upload more than 1 file as post or chat attachments at once on IE.

  • COYOFOUR-14556 Users sometimes experienced that images inside the RTE don't keep their orientation if the RTE is being edited after the initial creation.

  • COYOFOUR-14549 Users always experienced hashtags to be not clickable if multiple spaces between several hashtags are set.

  • COYOFOUR-14545 Admins always experienced not being able to override the markdown help text for timeline posts with formatted text.

  • COYOFOUR-14536 Users depending on a screen reader always experienced an incorrect header hierarchy in the launchpad.

  • COYOFOUR-14527 Users always experienced that the empty input form for the own contact details contained an untranslated language key.

  • COYOFOUR-14511 Users always experienced the empty input form for a title when adding a link to the launchpad containing an untranslated language key.

  • COYOFOUR-14457 Users always experienced that searching for a page/community ignores the chosen filter option.

  • COYOFOUR-14454 Users always experienced that all unread timeline items will be automatically loaded if a new timeline post gets created in another tab.

  • COYOFOUR-14192 Users always experienced the viewport not showing the last post after clicking on "Load more" in the timeline.

  • COYOFOUR-14167 Users always experienced that the color and background color button during creating an event does not have any function

  • COYOFOUR-14013 Users always experienced that when they open the field "options" at the list app and enter chars they only see the dropdown elements but their chars have no influence on the result.

  • COYOFOUR-12971 Admins always experiences the variable ENABLED_SERVICES not set when setting COYO_ENABLE_TRANSLATION=true

  • COYOFOUR-12258 Users always experienced that changes in the code view of an RTE don't get saved if the RTE gets saved in code view.


Language 'en'


  • ADMIN.USER_MGMT.ROLES.PERMISSIONS.COYO_ENGAGE_APP.ENGAGE_HOMEPAGES_ENABLED.HELP,"This permission allows access to homepages in COYO Engage. In order for users to actually see a homepage that homepage must be activated and include widgets supported by COYO Engage."

Release Notes 28.5.0


  • The 'latest blog articles' widget can now be configured to only show blog article teasers from selected blogs that the user viewing the widget has subscribed to.

Technical Updates

  • COYOFOUR-14509 Tech update note: The latest version of our plug-in API documentation is now available in our new plug-in developer hub at


  • COYOFOUR-14797 Users rarely experienced errors when trying to rearrange apps.

  • COYOFOUR-14753 Users in moderator mode always experienced that private pages were not listed in the available target locations for a share.

  • COYOFOUR-14705 Users sometimes experienced a wrong rotation for images uploaded as an event avatar or cover image.

  • COYOFOUR-14665 Users depending on a screen reader always experienced that the URL was read along with the link text in the launchpad.

  • COYOFOUR-14516 Admins always experienced an exception when restoring a backup.

  • COYOFOUR-14438 Users sometimes experienced a broken layout when using long titles in the 'divider' widget.

  • COYOFOUR-13495 Admins always experienced that not available tenant have weird error messages.

  • COYOFOUR-12418 Users always experienced that widget names are not completely visible if they use COYO on a mobile device (Mobile).


Release Notes 28.5.1

Technical Updates

  • COYOFOUR-14884 Fixed a memory leak in the backend that exhausts the heap memory which can lead to DB crashes

  • COYOFOUR-14895 The dependency groovy-2.5.9 is known to have problems with Java 14. We upgrade this version to make COYO run with a bigger variety of JDKs.


  • COYOFOUR-14873 Users always experienced that the latest blog article widget doesn't find each blog app.

  • COYOFOUR-14819 Users sometimes experienced that the user chooser in events delivers inaccurate results on large COYO platforms.

  • COYOFOUR-14799  User always experienced no notification to be triggered when adding a mentioning while editing a timeline post.

  • COYOFOUR-14789  Users always experienced that the event description allows picture upload via copy & paste which leads to performance issues. 

  • COYOFOUR-14783  Admins always experienced that scrolling through "Invite colleagues to your event" throws an error message if many users can be selected.

  • COYOFOUR-14165 Admins rarely experienced a stuck user sync job.

  • COYOFOUR-13962 Users always experienced a wiki article to be broken after having been edited simultaneously.

  • COYOFOUR-13911 User always experienced that the description text disappears when returning to the first step of private event creation.

  • COYOFOUR-13859  Users always experienced half-cut icons in the Suggested pages widget.

  • COYOFOUR-13518 Users sometimes experienced that filter options were added, removed or overwritten when opening page, workspace or event overview through concrete URLs or links with filter parameters.

Languages Keys


  • USER_CHOOSER.START_SEARCHING,"Start using the search to invite colleagues"

  • USER_CHOOSER.TOO_MANY_RESULTS,"Too many results, please specify your search"


Realease Notes 28.6.0

Technical Updates

  • COYOFOUR-15082 Users can now profit from a faster application loading time, due to performance improvements on the translations service.


  • COYOFOUR-15066 Users always experienced being able to post to a page's timeline regardless of missing rights.

  • COYOFOUR-15044 Admins sometimes experienced that not all files were considered for search:file re-indexing.

  • COYOFOUR-14978 Admins alway experienced that the three dots for designs are not in place in the mobile resolution.

  • COYOFOUR-14972  Users always experienced that the latest blog article widget shows english timestamps.

  • COYOFOUR-14865 Users always experienced their personal timeline to be sorted different and new shares already being displayed on their personal timeline when a (still/ not displayed) new post on their personal timeline gets shared again with a subscribed page/ community/ user before loading the "new" posts ob their personal timelines.

  • COYOFOUR-14845 Users sometimes experienced not working quick search in a filter section for Pages.

  • COYOFOUR-14492 Admins always experienced that they are not able to see the results of an anonymous poll unless they activate this feature for every user

Languages Keys


  • ADMIN.LANDING_PAGES.ACTIVE.HELP,"Activate this homepage"




  • ADMIN.LANDING_PAGES.ACTIVE.ENGAGE.HELP,"Activate this homepage for"


  • ADMIN.LANDING_PAGES.ACTIVE.WEB.HELP,"Activate homepage for the"

  • LANDING_PAGE.ONLY_MOBILE,"This homepage is only visible in the app. Only admins can see and edit it"


Realease Notes 28.6.1


  • COYOFOUR-15141 Users always experienced not being able to add an additional language to a wiki article after having saved the article initially.

  • COYOFOUR-15075 Users sometimes experienced doubled information about empty folders in the file library.

  • COYOFOUR-13822 Users sometimes experienced that the order of teaser image widget slides can't be changed.


Language keys

Language 'en'

  • FILE_LIBRARY.EMPTY_UPLOAD,"This folder is empty. Upload the first file now by clicking on the link above or by dragging files into documents."




  • MODULE.MESSAGING.MESSAGES.DELETED.PERSONAL,"You have deleted this message"


Release Notes 28.6.2


  • COYOFOUR-14921 Users sometimes experienced that the search within the SharePoint Online file picker only delivers ten results.

Release Notes 28.7.0

Technical Updates

  • COYOFOUR-14595 The fulltext content, search values, unread message count data were migrated to MongoDB GridFS and PostgresDB.


  • COYOFOUR-15097  Users always experienced missing initial suggestions when configuring a 'blog article' widget.

  • COYOFOUR-15102 Admins always experienced groups to not be deletable when the group was still added to a theme.

  • COYOFOUR-15238 Users always experienced errors with removing languages in the content app.

Release Notes 28.7.1


  • COYOFOUR-15176 Users always experienced that the view jumps to the top after adding an RTE widget in Firefox.

  • COYOFOUR-14111 Users sometimes experienced an app with a new translation not being reachable via page navigation and the resp. translated content not being available.

  • COYOFOUR-13014 Users always experienced that sending a timeline comment before the upload of an attachment has finished blocks the upload.

  • COYOFOUR-8715 Admins always experienced the bruteforce protection not blocking logins after multiple failed logins for AD Users.

Language Keys


  • WIDGETS.TOOLTIPS.SUPPORT.MOBILE,"Supported by native mobile app"





  • ADMIN.USER_MGMT.ROLES.PERMISSIONS.COYO_ENGAGE_APP.ACCESS_NEWS.HELP,"This setting enables the news module in the mobile app. Additionally, users need permission to access pages."


  • ADMIN.USER_MGMT.ROLES.PERMISSIONS.COYO_ENGAGE_APP.ENGAGE_HOMEPAGES_ENABLED.HELP,"This setting activates the Homepages module in the mobile app. For users to actually see a homepage, the user must have the access to homepages permission and the individual homepage must be enabled for the mobile app."


  • ADMIN.USER_MGMT.ROLES.PERMISSIONS.COYO_ENGAGE_APP.ENGAGE_TIMELINE_ENABLED.HELP,"This setting enables the timeline module in the COYO mobile app. For users to have content in their timeline, they also need the permission: Access to personal timeline."



Release Notes 28.7.2


  • COYOFOUR-15531 Users sometimes experienced the layout of wiki articles to be broken in Firefox.

  • COYOFOUR-15241 Users always experienced that after filtering for pages on the pages overview and returning to that overview later, the filter is deleted.

  • COYOFOUR-15041 Admins always experienced that multi-language apps (e.g. blog app) have two dropdown menus + the language flag in the top right corner.

  • COYOFOUR-14796 User always experienced that the download widget doesn't refresh when having deleted an included file from the file library.

  • COYOFOUR-14315 Admins always experienced the problem that changes to the group and app titles on a multilingual page of only one language caused that the titles for the other language got deleted.

  • COYOFOUR-13150 Users sometimes experienced mixed up languages in blog articles on COYO Engage.

  • COYOFOUR-13093 Users always experienced getting a password change request as AD users if they have previously been local users.

Release Notes 28.7.3


  • COYOFOUR-15606 Users sometimes experienced gone content app translations after saving a content app.

  • COYOFOUR-15588 Users always experienced not being able to add files to the download widget within the content app.

  • COYOFOUR-15425 User always experienced misplaced teaser images in the latest blog article widget when the name of a page is longer than 114 characters.

  • COYOFOUR-15354 Users always experienced an error when trying to remove a wiki article with a comment.

  • COYOFOUR-15339 Users sometimes experienced an additional login being required to access a content app within the COYO Mobile app.

  • COYOFOUR-15273 Users always experienced that it was possible to swipe the teaser widget, even if there was only 1 slide.

Release Notes 28.8.0


  • The championship app is revived and can be used as a betting game for the UEFA EURO 2020 (to be held June-July 2021).

  • Native mobile app users are now receiving page blog article push notifications even if news module is not activated.

Release Notes 28.8.1


  • COYOFOUR-16076 Users sometimes experienced not receiving the correct points when betting on games in the championship app.

Weitere Releases

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Version 29

Die Plug-ins haben ihre nächste Entwicklungsstufe erreicht.

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