What you can do with COYO

How you can easily improve your company’s internal communication

Team messaging

E-mail is so nineties! So say goodbye to Fwd: and Re: Re: Re:. COYO makes internal communication incredibly easy and efficient. This means everyone stays in touch with everyone else and the entire team is always up-to-date.

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Internal communication

Like Internet, like intranet: the time when communication only flowed in one direction is now long over. In fact, the opposite is true: everyone can and should actively participate instead of just listening or reading. COYO makes your intranet social.

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Digital teamwork

So much to do, so little clarity? Not with COYO. With our intranet software, you can easily manage entire teams and projects on one platform. This makes working together more coordinated, more efficient, and more fun.

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Global search

Perfectly stored and quickly found: with COYO, your documents are optimally stored – and you can find everything you’re looking for in seconds with our reliable global search, without having to search through any folders. That’s how easy searching the intranet is with COYO.

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Mobile first

As a cloud solution, COYO is perfectly at home on your smartphone. This means you always have everything you need with you – whether at the office or on the train. With the COYO mobile app, your coworkers can always reach you.

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Something that you work with on a daily basis should be one thing above all else: intuitive and easy to use. We have developed COYO so that you can find your way around immediately. After all, an intranet should make your job easier, not unnecessarily complicated.

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Real-world insights

Check out how the METRO Group uses COYO.

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