• Connect with all employees
  • Hybrid Work made easy
  • Secure exchange of internal data
  • Enough with information overload
  • Digitization and change management
  • Digital Onboarding and Employer Branding
  • Feedback culture – every opinion counts!
  • Learn more in the COYO Use Cases

Connect with all employees

You're not sure whether all the information really reaches your colleagues? With COYO, you can distribute any kind of news quickly and easily to all of your employees – whether via smartphone or PC. This way you can ensure that your employees know everything, feel well-informed and are happy to engage. Always and everywhere!

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Hybrid Work made easy

COYO boosts team spirit in your organization: Optimized digital communication improves motivation and helps you to live your corporate culture even in the "new normal", remote or hybrid model, and to raise team spirit to a whole new level. Happy employees = higher productivity and lower turnover. Win, win, right?


Secure exchange of internal data

Do your employees share internal data with their own devices via WhatsApp or Facebook? This can be a big risk for data security. COYO offers your employees a secure and GDPR-compliant alternative that they will be happy to use, as the UX is similar to the privately used channels - in the app and on the desktop.


Enough with information overload

COYO makes it possible to display only personally relevant content to employees, so the important messages of internal communication no longer get lost in the crowd. As a result, colleagues spend less time searching for information, and attention to internal content increases.


Digitization and change management

Digitization starts with change management in your own organization. COYO takes your communication into the modern age and optimizes your change management through targeted communication. A central, digital communication channel for everyone promotes transparency and acceptance and creates a digital and modern mindset among employees.


Digital Onboarding and Employer Branding

Connecting quickly: With COYO, new employees are immediately actively involved in the company's activities and can find relevant information and experts without a long search – even in the home office. A digital and modern communication culture is an important factor for positive employer branding – especially when it comes to bringing new talent on board.


Feedback culture – every opinion counts!

Whether they are an apprentice, a head of department, or the CEO, all employees can give each other feedback via COYO, regardless of their place in the hierarchy. This results in more transparency, new ideas, and a stronger affinity with coworkers and the company.

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What we offer you


COYO – always the right solution

The right software for every company

From a comprehensive social intranet and a handy mobile app for mobile use through to a classic intranet – only COYO offers you a fully integrated suite of products for desktop and mobile users. In this way, every company gets exactly the software that it needs.


We get the best out of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace!

Less chaos, more structure

Do you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace? Perfect, because COYO makes your systems even better. With seamless interfaces, more flexible collaboration, and a central access point, we know what you need. PS: further integrations are possible thanks to our full-service APIs.


What are you waiting for?

Get started right away with COYO!

COYO comes ready to use and does not require any time-consuming (and irritating) preconfiguration. What’s more, there is plenty of room for all your coworkers; after all, the largest COYO platform is currently home to more than 300,000 users. With room for more!


Branding & white-labeling

Design COYO according to your wishes

Use our multi-brand design to adapt COYO to your corporate design: integrate your logo and configure the designs for your different locations individually. Our mobile app can also be customized extensively thanks to our well thought out white-labeling concept.


Valuable insights with COYO Analytics

Boost your Employee Communications Platform

COYO Analytics provides you with all relevant key figures of your platform – from user activity to content performance. COYO Analytics helps you optimize content based on numbers and boost engagement on your employee communications platform.

  • COYO for Microsoft 365

    Get the most out of your Microsoft 365

  • COYO for Google Workspace

    Seldom has there been a better match

  • COYO employee app

    Accessible everywhere and at any time


COYO for Microsoft 365

COYO is the perfect addition to Microsoft 365: By connecting the two platforms, we offer you the best of both worlds. This not only simplifies your daily work, but also brings order into the virtual chaos.

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COYO for Google Workspace

Like in the schmaltziest of love stories, Google Workspace and COYO are a match made in heaven. By integrating Google Workspace within COYO, we will make your day-to-day routines even easier – from Google Drive to Google Calendar. #HappyEnding


Our employee app

Thanks to our employee app, you can reach all your coworkers at all times, whether they are sitting in the office, working in production, or visiting a client. Anyone who tries this intelligent app will never want to be without it.

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