Can I integrate COYO within my system?

Yes, of course! COYO is a highly flexible social intranet and can be easily integrated within existing system architectures. Our mission is always to make your system even better.




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COYO can be integrated within existing system architectures


Google Workspace and COYO: a match made in heaven 


Microsoft 365 and COYO bring out the best in each other


One Launchpad, all the tools you need 

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Google Workspace 💚 COYO

COYO and Google Workspace – seldom has there been a better match. You can log into COYO straight from Google Workspace, post and share files and images from Google Drive, synchronize your Google Calendar, and, of course, do plenty more besides.


Do Microsoft 365 and COYO go together?

They sure do! In fact, COYO makes Microsoft 365 even better. Not only is it really easy to jointly edit documents, but you can also sort your tools and organize your events much more effectively. So say goodbye to endless searches for files, programs, etc. – and discover the benefits of integrating Microsoft 365 within COYO.


Your system within COYO

Integrate your system within COYO using the Launchpad. Our brand-new Launchpad lets you bring together everything you need for your day-to-day work. Whether Office programs or website links, everything is well organized and easy to find.

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