Global expertise – a knowledge database for the whole company

COYO provides you with a place where you can consolidate and archive the company’s full spectrum of valuable knowledge – and make this knowledge available to everyone. As such, workers at all sites can draw on the expertise of their colleagues.




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The whole company knowledge in one place


Benefit from your coworkers’ expertise


Save time and money with FAQs


Smart: Built your own wiki

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Answers instead of questions: Page FAQs

Where can I find the vacation request form? Where is the privacy policy? What is the Wi-Fi password? Add an FAQ section to departmental pages so that you don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over again. Fast, smart, and efficient.


Produce your very own wiki

Creating an internal wiki is child’s play thanks to the COYO suite of apps. You also have the option of enhancing your articles with widgets and adding articles, images, and links. You can even get creative by designing your own layout.


Knowledge database in your pocket

Thanks to our employee app, even your colleagues in the field, in production or on the construction site have access to the company’s entire know-how at all times. They can access the company knowledge they need in communities, on the timeline and on pages, enabling them to solve problems, make decisions and improve their workflow quickly and easily.

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