News that reaches all employees

Do you have news that every single employee needs to know about? No problem. With COYO, you can reach all your employees at the same time, regardless of whether they are sitting in the office, working on a construction site, or visiting a client.




All benefits at a glance


Important news items reach all employees simultaneously


Never miss anything again thanks to push notifications


Sticky posts – so absolutely everyone gets the message


Stay connected while out and about thanks to our employee app

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Always up to date thanks to push notifications!

Thanks to push notifications, your smartphone will alert you right away to any news. But don’t worry: everyone can configure their own notifications. So when you’re on vacation, just tap to deactivate. Perfect.


Sticky posts – for VERY important news

Something so important that everyone has to read it? Then mark your post as “STICKY” and pin it at the top of all employees’ time lines. You decide how long the post stays there – and you can click to mark it as “read.” So the message sticks!


Our employee app: Reaches everyone, all the time

Our COYO employee app keeps all those workers posted who do not have a stationary workplace or who are currently out and about. From doctors to carpenters, everyone is immediately informed about the latest company news. A positive side effect is the increase in motivation and sense of belonging.


Say it your way!

You decide how you want to send important internal news to your workforce – either individually or simultaneously via COYO and our employee app. From a quick, short post on the timeline to a detailed text on a page or an internal community entry – it’s completely up to you.

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