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Let’s be honest: everyone needs a bit of help from a colleague now and again. But there is an age-old problem: who best to contact and how to find them? Our search function is here to help.


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Seek and you shall find – with Global Search

Thanks to the Global Search function from COYO, you can search by name, job title, and department. As a result, you can quickly find the right person – without the time-consuming process of asking around. The search function will even correct typos for you. You’re welcome.

Tell everyone who you are and what skills you have

Every employee has their own profile, which states their name, job title, and department. Optionally, employees can also include details of their hobbies. No profile should be without a cool profile picture (ideally fully dressed and clearly recognizable). #justsayin

Quickly find the right coworker

Are you looking for someone who can help you out? Fear not! Thanks to the COYO staff directory, you no longer need to ask around, but can quickly and easily find the right person to help you with your problem. Complete with photos and full contact details.

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