Searching is so easy today

“Where’s that company presentation again? Is it in the workspace or in the folder for the news page?” These questions are a thing of the past thanks to the COYO search function. Simply enter your term in the search box and get the most relevant results in a flash. It could hardly be easier.



Central search

Not sure where a particular document has been saved? Just search for it, as all of the content posted to the platform as well as uploaded files are searchable on COYO. And, of course, COYO takes your access permissions into account when displaying the search results.


Expert finder

Are you looking for coworkers who specialize in certain topics? No problem. COYO makes it very easy to find the experts in your company. Simply search by skill or area of expertise – and COYO will find exactly who you’re looking for.



The search finds everything – so your knowledge is always available everywhere on COYO. Once the search results are displayed, you can filter them using certain categories to find what you are looking for even more quickly.

All use cases

Here are the many different ways COYO can be used by your company


Company search

Thanks to the COYO search function you can simply enter your term in the search box and get the most relevant results.

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Mobile intranet

It’s important for a company to be able to reach all its employees, whether they work in the office or in field sales.

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Corporate communication

Company news is designed to be consumed, ideally with a smile rather than merely out of a sense of duty.

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Social intranet

A modern-day social intranet gets employees involved and lets them have their say. A direct communication is simply enjoyable.

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Company messenger

Communication is a vital factor in the success of your company. After all, it’s the only way to share information and knowledge.

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Digital project communication

You can work together on documents and communicate about the current project status in workspaces. 

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Real-world insights

Check out how the METRO Group uses COYO.

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