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How can you send sensitive data quickly and easily while avoiding messaging services such as WhatsApp? Exactly, with COYO! Minimize the use of troublesome shadow IT systems and avoid data protection problems. Remove the risk.


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Send internal data quickly and securely


No problem with data protection anymore


Minimize the use of shadow IT systems 


Send documents securely while using COYO Engage

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The chat tool: Send internal data risk-free

You can send internal data quickly and securely to your coworkers using our chat tool. The benefit: you won’t be breaching the GDPR and you won’t be putting your documents at risk. What’s more, all files can be located using the Global Search function within COYO – and you will be reducing the use of shadow IT systems.


Beats any messaging service: COYO Engage

With our COYO Engage employee app, you can stay connected with your coworkers while out and about. And thanks to the clearly structured list of contacts, you will never have to spend ages searching for telephone numbers. All you have to do is enter the name, open the chat window, and send your document.

COYO Engage, the employee app for all colleagues in the company

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check-darkIncreases employee loyalty and identification

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