Company search

“Where’s that company presentation again? Is it in the workspace or in the folder for the news page?” These questions are a thing of the past thanks to the COYO search function. Simply enter your term in the search box and get the most relevant results in a flash. It could hardly be easier.

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Mobile intranet

It’s important for a company to be able to reach all its employees, whether they work in the office, in field sales, or in production. A mobile intranet by COYO lets you do just that – and is tailored to users’ needs.

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Corporate communication

Company news is designed to be consumed, ideally with a smile rather than merely out of a sense of duty. COYO lets you revolutionize how your company communicates, with your social intranet transformed into a key pillar of your internal communication.

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Social intranet

A modern-day social intranet gets employees involved and lets them have their say. On the basis of a vibrant and personalized dialogue, your company will be able to develop further and overcome internal challenges as a team. Even if this situation represents completely new ground for you, open and direct communication within the company is not only enjoyable, but also fosters overall cohesion.

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Company messenger

Communication is a vital factor in the success of your company. After all, it’s the only way to share information and knowledge. In an era of private messaging services, there is a risk of shadow IT systems and the lines becoming blurred between people’s private and professional lives. This makes it all the more important to offer your employees a company messaging service that is easy and fun to use – just like COYO Messenger.

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Digital project communication

Are you using COYO and do you have the opportunity to work on collaborative projects that take your company further? Congratulations! COYO takes your collaboration to the next level. You can work together on documents and communicate about the current project status in workspaces. With COYO, the sky’s the limit for your collaboration!

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Real-world insights

Check out how the METRO Group uses COYO.

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