Many use cases, one platform

We designed COYO to be a platform for your entire business. You can use it to exchange information, communicate, work on projects, drive innovation and a lot more. And once you have everyone in your organization on board, you can easily extend the use cases and shape the way you are using COYO. See for yourself ...

CMS & Social

Combine corporate news and social communication

COYO is the ideal social intranet because it combines the ideas of a classic enterprise intranet with that of a social network. With COYO, you can easily share information with staff, but also create communication spaces where you and your colleagues can collaborate.

Combine corporate news and social communication

All content, features and colleagues right in your hands

COYO is a mobile-first platform, meaning that the entire user-interface is optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, the interface is extremely easy to use, fast and beautiful. We have also built in content-management features that allow you to target specific content to mobile users only.

All content, features and colleagues right in your hands
Smart address book

Find and identify experts in your company quickly

All users have their own profile page where they can enter information about their job, department and expertise. In addition, COYO takes the information that users published in the past into account when you search for a particular skill. That way, you can quickly identify and meet the experts for a certain field.

Everything in one place

Communication, files, documents and more

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had all project data in one place? With COYO, users can easily create project workspaces with all the apps they need for their projects. For example, you can simply add a document manager for sharing files, a wall for communication or a wiki for knowledge exchange. Check out COYO’s apps!


Quickly interact with your colleagues

COYO comes with a built-in messaging module that allows you to start conversations with your colleagues easily an quickly. Starting a new conversation is as easy as hitting a button and messages as well as files are transmitted without delay (unlike email). What's more: When both you and your colleague are online, your conversation automatically turns into a live-chat.

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