The social intranet

Whether as an intranet, a community or as an advanced project platform, COYO has made it amazingly easy to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers by combining efficient productivity tools and modern communication.

COYO supports you during the transition from a traditional to a social intranet by allowing you to unlock just the right features at the right time.

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Publish corporate content


In COYO you can create multiple homepages and target them at specific groups within your company. Every homepage has its own layout, design and content.


Every page is like a mini-website with its own navigation, content and permissions. This allows you to decentralize content management in your intranet and involve others.


Widgets are small parts of content or little features that can be orchestrated on a page. This lets you design custom pages easily and you can combine both static and dynamic content on a single page.

Mobile content

In COYO you decide what content you want to be visible for mobile users. This way, you create an unique experience for those that access your network with a mobile device.


An app in COYO is a small component that serves a specific purpose. You can add as many apps to your pages as you please. For example, you can use the Blog App to publish news or you may use the Documents App to store and supply files.


Publish corporate events and add a dedicated info page about the event with place, schedule, photos and more. You can also ask your colleagues for a reply so that you know who will be attending.

Integrated social collaboration

Anywhere, anytime

COYO is a web-based software that allows you and your colleagues to access information, news, project data and documents from anywhere with any device. That's how real business software should work today!

Project workspaces

Each project has a different setup and different requirements. Create your custom project workspace within minutes, invite your colleagues to collaborate and add the apps you need for your project.

Personal timeline

Stay up to date with what is going on in your organization and receive updates about the activities and projects of your colleagues. You decide which news and updates you want to receive by following people, pages and projects.

User profiles

Create your personal profile and access the profiles of your colleagues to find out what they are working on, which fields they are experts in and how you can contact them - or simply leave them a message on their personal wall.

Social sharing

Sharing information is an essential concept in COYO. That’s why COYO allows you to share almost anything with your colleagues and work-groups.


If you want to involve a colleague or project in a discussion, simply mention them when writing a post or comment and they will be informed automatically.

Team messaging for your entire business

Is it a chat?

COYO's messaging system works both when users are offline and when they are online. Whenever users are online, their conversation automatically turns into a live-chat.

Group channels

You can create channels with multiple users and assign a topic and image to them. This is the perfect way of communicating on short-term topics that don't require a fully configured workspace.

Documents and media

Send any file, document or media content in a conversation and the data will be transferred immediately. Also, COYO will generate a live-preview for the media content you send.

Mobile messenger

COYO's messaging module is available through our mobile-first user-interface and our mobile apps and allows you and your colleagues to chat using your mobile devices.

And much more ...

Fully customizable

Change the layout to your organization's corporate design, deactivate certain features or add new ones. The settings for colors, logos, apps and plugins can be changed directly through the administration interface.

Full browser support

COYO works completely in your web browser so you don't have to install any software. Using the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX allowed us to create an intuitive and beautiful user-interface that requires no training whatsoever.

Mobile apps

Of course, we offer mobile apps for COYO that are available in the official app stores. We offer apps for iOS and Android.

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