Say goodbye to cluttered mailboxes

Do you remember your first e-mail? Well, you can now look forward to your last one. This is because COYO offers a built-in messaging system that is simply more manageable. Start a new conversation with just a click and send messages in real time – including the files you want to send along. Your communication will be faster and more efficient.

Messages and chats

With COYO, communicating with your team becomes more direct – and more fun thanks to the chat feature. With real-time messaging, a chat message comes closer to face-to-face communication than an e-mail ever could.


Sharing documents

When it comes to sharing files, especially larger ones, e-mails have their limits – both with respect to speed and the size of the files that can be sent. You can avoid this problem with COYO’s messaging feature.

Message archive

With COYO, you’ll never lose anything important. You can easily archive the messages you send to each other and access them quickly whenever you need them.


Group channels

Sometimes things need to be discussed by more than two people. With COYO Group Channels, any number of participants can join a conversation – without having to set up a whole new workspace.


We added the messaging bar prominently to the right of the screen so that you can always see when someone messages you. And when you’re out and about, new messages flash as a small red number in the COYO app.


Online status

Thanks to the Online Status feature, you can always see who is currently online. And to let everyone know when you’re not available, just click on “Away” and let your coworkers know when you’ll be available again.

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All use cases

Here are the many different ways COYO can be used by your Company:


Team messaging

Say goodbye to “Fwd:” and “Re: Re: Re:.”. COYO makes internal communication incredibly easy and efficient – for everyone! in the company.

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Internal communication

The Times when communication flowed in one direction is over. Everyone can actively participate.

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Digital teamwork

So much to do, so little clarity? With COYO, you can easily manage entire teams and projects on one platform – so everyone is up-to-date.

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Global search

Perfectly stored and quickly found: You can find everything you are looking for in seconds with our reliable global search in COYO.

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Mobile first

COYO is perfectly at home on your smartphone. This means you always have everything you need with you – whether at the office or on the train.

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An intranet that you work with on a daily basis should be one thing above all else: intuitive and easy to use. Work intuitively with COYO.

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Real-world insights

Check out how the METRO Group uses COYO.

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