January 2020


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Focus: Promote exchange

About Vorwerk


Vorwerk makes everyday life easier: you conjure beautiful dishes with the Thermomix, while the Kobold robot vacuum cleaner maneuvers through your apartment leaving it sparkling clean. 

With COYO, Vorwerk makes its life easier: a digital platform for employees all over the world. We give you an insight into how Vorwerk rolled out their social intranet and how they use it today in combination with Microsoft 365.



Fast and personalized – that's COYO for us!

Behind the name, Vorwerk stands a traditional family business from the German Bergisches Land. The company’s portfolio could not be more diverse: In addition to household appliances, the Vorwerk Group also includes cosmetics as well as leasing and financing services.

At Vorwerk, the topic of agility has gained enormously in importance in the recent past. There was a great demand for a social intranet with mobile availability, information that could be accessed at any time, and the possibility of exchanging information.


With the introduction of COYO, this gap has been closed: Information can easily and quickly be communicated to all employees, teams network with each other, and the cultural change to a digital workplace is pushed forward. 

Managers have also quickly come to appreciate COYO and often play out information to employees quickly and easily. In this way, they offer a feedback channel that is very well received by the entire workforce.

COYO has become the main point of contact within the company.



The Big Bang!

At the beginning of 2020, the employees experienced the big bang: The introduction of COYO! Extensive marketing measures were carried out so that everyone could get used to the new digital home:



Advance announcements on the old, static intranet that a new digital home is coming.


Information about the introduction of COYO in the Vorwerk staff magazine.


Development of a COYO 1x1 booklet that was sent to 6,000 employees worldwide.


A training tour: The project team held COYO presentations at locations throughout Germany.


Specially trained Intranet Managers: a team of COYO specialists who serve as COYO contacts for the employees on site.


Anyone who starts working at Vorwerk today starts with COYO. The HR department has set up a separate page for virtual onboarding at Vorwerk. New employees get to know the company directly through COYO.


COYO and Microsoft 365 – how do they go hand in hand?

Vorwerk has been introducing Microsoft 365 for 1.5 years. Given a large number of branches and country-specific processes, this is a comprehensive project. In Germany Microsoft 365 and COYO were introduced in parallel. 

Both platforms have a common goal: fostering a digital workplace at Vorwerk!

COYO introduction parallel to Microsoft 365 implementation - an additional challenge? Not at Vorwerk! The two project teams still work closely together and have established clear rules which kind of communication belongs in which tool.

"Of course, it can be confusing at the beginning to have two new, similar platforms with COYO and Microsoft teams, but users learn quickly and in the end, it's very easy".

Requirements on COYO

I would like to inform large groups (or all Vorwerk colleagues) beyond my department about a specific topic and/or exchange information about it. Therefore, I create a community.


I would like to find colleagues with a specific expertise or from a specific project by entering a keyword in the search field.


I would like to gather exactly the information I find interesting and that helps me in my daily work. To do this, I subscribe to sites, join communities and follow colleagues. This way I get an individual newsfeed on my personal timeline.

Requirements on Microsoft Teams

I would like to work collaboratively with my teammates, so I open a team in Microsoft teams where we chat, have virtual meetings and work together on documents.


I would like to get in touch with one certain colleague, so I write to him or her in Microsoft Teams Chat.


I would like to collaborate with external partners and invite them as guests in Microsoft Teams.


Cultural change

The success of Thermomix and Co. can easily be measured in figures, but for Vorwerk, the most successful product is: satisfied employees. The Go4Courage cultural initiative aims to establish agile working and a culture that encourages employees to think ahead and to push innovations.


With COYO, these values are not only shared, but it becomes easier to live them. The employees at Vorwerk already benefit from open communication, exchange at eye level, and networking beyond their department.

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