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August 2017

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The mission

Only eight weeks to go live. Can’t be done? Yes, it can!

August 7, 2017, was the big day for Sparda-Bank West: COYO went live! Since then, nearly 980 users at 70 bank branches now work together on the platform. With its new intranet, dubbed “COWEST”, Sparda-Bank West wanted to create a platform that facilitates modern methods of communication, innovation management, and a new culture.

The requirements

For Sparda-Bank West COYO needed to ...

  • … promote direct communication throughout the company.
  • … act as an “interactive intranet” that invites employees to contribute their own ideas.
  • … be accessible to every employee due to ease of use.

The solution with COYO

Historic roots meet modern methods of communication

For over 100 years, Sparda-Bank West has advised its customers on issues related to money. In doing so, direct communication and innovative products are especially important.

And this equally applies to the employees of the cooperative bank. As a result, the company’s corporate development activities also sparked the idea to roll out a new, innovative “social intranet”.

The goal was to move away from a centrally managed intranet towards a modern “interactive intranet”. Employees should have the ability to discuss and share their ideas. In the early stages of the project, the company compared its requirements to the features offered by various platforms. In the end, COYO came out ahead with its ease of use. “We were certain that COYO was the best product on the market – in no small part thanks to the reliability and friendliness of the team,” concluded the Sparda-Bank team.

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