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May 2017

Main use:
Digital collaboration

The mission

On May 22, 2017, RheinEnergie AG launched its COYO intranet called “MingNet”. The name means “my network” and was selected for their new digital home during a brainstorming session with over 400 employees. Since rolling out their intranet, nearly 5,000 users are now active on the platform.

The requirements

For RheinEnergie AG COYO needed to …

  • … create a digital platform for transparent collaboration within the company.
  • … ensure that it can be used easily without any training thanks to an intuitive design.
  • … encourage users to share and discuss as well as facilitate easy, open communication.

The solution with COYO


Getting a little smarter together every day:

Corporate Communications, IT, and Human Resources all worked closely to get MingNet off to a successful start. The goal was to create a digital platform for transparent collaboration within the company. The project team was led by two employees, one from Corporate Communications and one from IT, and included six others. Within the span of just one year, the idea of a social intranet became reality, and COYO became part of the history of RheinEnergie.

Today, 5,000 people from RheinEnergie AG now use COYO as a daily tool for enhanced collaboration!


This all began with a small preliminary project in which employees could contribute their ideas and suggestions for the new intranet. At the end of the selection process, COYO was the only logical choice. “Above all else, the platform’s responsive design and the ability to work together in digital communities is what won us over,” said the project team. An additional benefit is COYO’s intuitive design, which makes it incredibly easy to use and means that employees don’t need to go through complex trainings.

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