A digital home for about 80,000 users from 36 countries

At a glance


April 2015


The mission

As an international retail company with 150,000 employees, METRO was faced with a major challenge:
“How can we improve internal collaboration across levels of hierarchy and national borders?”

The requirements

For METRO COYO needed to ...

  • … promote an open and dialogue-driven corporate culture.
  • … quickly and efficiently transfer knowledge.
  • … invite every employee to take an active role in the company’s communications and development.

The solution with COYO


In April 2015, COYO was rolled out across METRO as a social collaboration platform – and quite rapidly, at that. In order to work as productively and as organized as possible within the tight schedule, the project was divided across different project teams. These teams were assigned responsibilities such as customization, technology (IT), consulting, and implementation.

Today, about 80,000 users in 36 countries use COYO as a daily tool for enhanced teamwork at METRO!


Initially, the different needs of the user groups were identified in collaborative workshops – always in close coordination with works councils and data protection officers. Digital pages and commuinties for teams have quickly developed into the intranet’s central tool. Every user can post to digital bulletin boards; upload documents, photos, and videos; and comment on and like posts – just as they are already familiar with from Facebook, for example.

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