April 2019


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The story


More than 550 employees work at two locations and in the field to ensure reliable and safe operation of the Hamburg gas network. By leaving the E.ON Group, Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH made a large-scale fresh start.

But one thing remained: COYO! A Digital Home for the staff of Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH. Right from the start, all employees had access to the new Social Intranet and were, therefore, able to stay informed about new developments and to network with each other.

The requirements

As a tool for Gasnetz Hamburg, COYO should…

  • … strengthen the feeling of togetherness.
  • … be reliably accessible for all employees at any location.
  • … make information and knowledge easily accessible.

The new beginning

As a result of the separation from the E.ON Group, many departments were restructured and internally reorganized. The new beginning also meant a separate Digital Home for the staff of Gasnetz Hamburg. The idea of personal identity has shaped the project from the very beginning.

The first step was a competition to find a name. A jury selected the winner among the top 5 from numerous submissions by employees: Gisela is Hamburg’s Gas Intranet, Schnell, Einfach, Laufend Aktuell (fast, simple, up-to-date)!

After only three months, Gisela went live. COYO partner HIRSCHTEC was brought in as a consultant to help meet this tight deadline. The concept for Gisela was developed and the user interface was built in several workshops. Because of the tight schedule, trainees were also brought in to fill the platform with content. That had the great side effect of making the trainees immediately feel connected to their Intranet.

Gisela – the colleague everyone knows 

Gisela knows everything and tells everything. The people of Hamburg, therefore, are far from disliking her: they appreciate their virtual colleague very much because of this transparency.

Instead of using the bulletin board in the lobby, employees now regularly visit Gisela to find out what’s going on in their company. Here, employees can find all important information at a glance. For those wanting more details, the individual pages of the specialist departments provide more information. The works council is also represented with its own page and posts regularly. 

“We already benefited a great deal when our employees started visiting Gisela to see what’s new. But we are very pleased to say that it also goes beyond that.”

Sabrina Stehr, who is responsible for the project, has every reason to be happy: 111 groups have found each other through Gisela so far. The trainees help each other, the managers have their own digital working group, and many sports enthusiasts stay informed on current company sports activities.

The company encourages personal initiative: everyone is allowed to create groups, and this, therefore, makes a contribution to active networking.

The new sense of unity

With the focus on the new sense of community, the “first-name basis” culture established itself in the newly founded company, and with it, the user profiles grew in relevance. The profile pictures create trust in each other. One knows oneself and immediately feels comfortable—not just in the digital environment.

At Gasnetz Hamburg, you not only feel a sense of belonging to the company but also to the Hanseatic City. “Our COYO—Gisela—is our digital meeting place. Connectedness is one of our guiding principles, and we notice that this applies digitally, too, in our user numbers.”

We at COYO are delighted with this regional solidarity.

“Gasnetz Hamburg and COYO – one hundred percent Hamburg!”

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