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November 2018

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Mobile availability

The mission

Energy supplier enviaM launched its COYO intranet in November 2018. After a naming competition, a well-thought-out concept development phase, and a launch campaign, all 4,000 employees were ready to use COYO on both their desktop computer and mobile device. Whether sales representative or network fitter, enviaM employees without a stationary workplace can now also be reached thanks to COYO. Another aim was to improve interdisciplinary collaboration: mission completed.

The requirements

For enviaM COYO needed to ...

  • … ensure the availability of employees without a stationary workplace.
  • … improve interdisciplinary collaboration.

Hey enviaM, why specifically COYO?


It’s simple: because COYO made quite an impression with both its economy and usability from the very start, as energy supplier enviaM was extremely thorough with its “Social Intranet” project.

Once the core team was formed – with employees from Corporate Communication, IT, Digitization, Human Resources, Business Development, and the Works Council – it was time to get the ball rolling. To start with, a rough 70-page technology-neutral concept and a requirements catalog were developed, which was followed by a targeted usability test of various social intranet providers consisting of a questionnaire and an online survey.

The results: COYO outperformed the others in just about every category (#yeah!) and, in conjunction with the existing knowledge management tool Confluence, now forms the basis for modern, targeted communication inside the company.

It’s also worth mentioning that our partner HIRSCHTEC also actively supported enviaM.


A launch campaign in 5 steps

Step 1 - What should it be called?
A naming competition was held to introduce COYO as a new mobile and social intranet and involve all employees from the very beginning. After intensive discussion throughout the company, a decision was (very pragmatically) made for “intranet.”

Step 2 – An initial look at COYO
Information events were held at enviaM’s five main locations to ensure that all employees would know what to expect. The response: excellent. Employees not only had the opportunity to take a look at COYO, but also ask questions about their new tool.

Step 3 – Using existing channels
At the same time as the information events, the new social intranet was announced in existing media on a continuous basis.

Step 4 – On your mark, get set, go!
There was a starter kit for every employee during the COYO launch at enviaM. Thanks to a quick-start guide, everyone soon knew where to find what they needed.

Step 5 - FAQ & SOS
enviaM’s intranet-based help group is still frequently used even after the COYO launch. In addition to Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, the group also provides general information materials and the opportunity to ask questions, which are promptly answered.


Interim conclusion after 4 months with COYO

"Compared to our old intranet, both dialogue and interaction have increased significantly. COYO now allows you to speak to others, add comments or encourage discussion at a whole host of places throughout the intranet, which only used to be possible in certain areas, and that makes the whole thing all the more popular."

"Some employees are a little intimidated by the many new functions, while others are already very active in the new social intranet and are delighted with all the new options. Our FAQ page and the company news are especially popular. In closing, it’s safe to say that COYO has been very well received at enviaM after such a short period of time."

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