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COYO comes with a sophisticated development environment that let's you extend, integrate and customize. All our APIs are well-documented and easy to use.

Developer guides

Backend API

COYO's backend comes as a Spring Boot starter package, which allows you to integrate it into any Java Spring project with only a few lines of code. Then you can utilize our services and events or you can even build your custom features on top of COYO with all of Spring's features right at your hand.

Web-Frontend API

You can customize our web-frontend by building custom widgets, apps, templates or CSS. Our web-frontend comes as a Bower package and hence can be integrated into any modern web project effortlessly.


COYO comes with a fully-fledged, secure and robust REST API. It is secured via OAuth2 and gives you access to literally all of COYO's features and data. This is probably the easiest way to integrate your existing and third-party applications with COYO.

Developer Guides

We have not only documented all of our APIs, we also provide you with a variety of developer guides that help you set up your COYO development project and that get you off the ground with examples and tutorials.

Scaffolding Project

To make it even easier for you, we have prepared a scaffolding project that is completely pre-configured with COYO's frontend, backend and the tools required to build your project into a deliverable.


For those of you who want to dive deeper into COYO and its SDK, we also offer developer trainings and a certification-process here in our Hamburg headquarter.

Get started!

Our developer guides contain all the information, links, resources and tutorials that you need to get started.

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