Our certifications

Our COYO partner can obtain certification in five areas. These certifications will grant you expert status in the eyes of your partners.



Because COYO is an out-of-the-box solution, IT isn’t the focus of your project. Instead, correctly configuring your digital home is the key. This is where our certified consulting partners can help you. They work with you to define your requirements and develop a road map, configure your COYO platform, and implement change management measures to guarantee a high level of user acceptance.



In COYO, you can easily customize many design elements to match the colors of your company. If you want to deeply embed your corporate identity into the platform using CSS, however, we recommend working with one of our certified branding partners.



Do you have a complex IT infrastructure or does your IT department need assistance with application management? Then our certified COYO operations partners can help you integrate COYO into your environment. This is easily possible for our COYO Operations Partners with instances of up to 10,000 users. For larger architectures, our Service Delivery Team is also involved.



Would you like an additional feature that isn’t a standard part of the platform? No problem! COYO has its own SDK (software development kit) that you can use to customize, enhance, and further integrate COYO. In this context, our certified customizing partners are available to provide you with advice and assistance.


Certified Reseller

If you want software and consulting from a single source, we recommend our certified resellers. Not only do they have all of the aforementioned certifications, they also offer second-level support.

Our partners

Whether you need a full-service provider or an individual personal consultant, you can select the right expert for your COYO project from our partner network.

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