Partner Framework
Better together

We know that you want to get started with your new social intranet as quickly as possible. Over the past years we have developed a partner program that serves as a framework for us to implement complex projects in great quality and in the shortest time possible.

Partner catalog

Our partners offer the following services:

Hosting & Operations

Whether you want your COYO hosted in a private cloud environment or if you need support installing and maintaining it on your own servers: Our partners offer a wide range of hosting and operations services.

Consulting & Project management

Launching a social intranet is more than just putting up a new software for your colleagues to use. It involves cultural change, processes and internal marketing. Let our partners share their experience from lots of previous projects to ensure yours will be a success.

Development & Customizing

COYO comes with a sophisticated software-development-kit (SDK) with which you can customize, extend or integrate the platform. Benefit from the experience of the certified developers of our partner firms.

Certification process

Our partners can be recognized by this official partner badge.

Certification process

Part of our partner framework is an official and standardized certification process for the staff of our partners. Partners regularly send their staff to specialized trainings in our headquarters. This way we ensure a high quality level when it comes to special COYO product knowledge.

As of today, we award the following certifications:

  • Certified COYO Consultant
  • Certified COYO Developer
  • Certified COYO System-Administrator
  • Certified COYO Administrator