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This is Coyo, the enterprise social network that lets you and your colleagues work better together!

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Enterprise Social Network

Whether as an intranet, community or as an advanced project platform, Coyo has made it amazingly simple to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers by combining efficient productivity tools with modern communication. Coyo supports you during the transition from classic to a social intranet by allowing you to unlock just the right features at the right time.

Modern Communication Less emails and a consistent communication platform for your business.
Improved Collaboration Coyo improves collaboration by allowing a project- or topic-based exchange of information, knowledge and files.
Connected Business The intelligent connection of people and content keeps you and your colleagues informed about news and project progress.

iMac Coyo - Enterprise Social Network

The modern Intranet

The times of classical intranets are over. Employees demand a solution that allows them to exchange information easily and to bring in their own ideas.

Personal News Feed Each user has a personal news feed that combines the information that is most relevant to him.
User Profiles User profiles are the digital business card that informs about the knowledge and activities of each user.
Mobile Access With Coyo you have access to all your company's knowledge. Always and everywhere.

Social Collaboration

Coyo is more than just a modern intranet. With Coyo's social collaboration features you can manage entire teams and projects in an integrated digital platform.

Workspaces Create custom workspaces for your team- or project work.
Apps With apps like the document manager, blog, wiki, dashboard or task manager you can create custom-fit workspaces.
Chat & Messaging Communication couldn't be faster: simply start a chat with one or more people.
Coyo - Mobile

Diverse Use-Cases

Coyo is more than just a modern intranet. The digital connection of all employees in a single plattform allow for a lot of use-cases. You decide how you want to use Coyo in your business.

Project Platform Create project workspaces, save information and invite external people.
Expert Finder Find your company's expert for certain topics quick and easily.
Community Create a custom community with the features of a social network.
Social Intranet With Coyo you get a complete social intranet with active users and up-to-date content.
iMac Coyo - Enterprise Social Network
Knowledge Management Make the communicated knowledge available to everybody else in your company.
Innovation Platform Increase the potential for innovations by leveraging the exchange of information and ideas.
Sales Platform All customer-related information in one place with customer-workspaces.

What customers say about Coyo

Altran Germany

Coyo is a very intuitive platform that allows our employees to collaborate quickly and easy. mindsmashs team and its refreshing mindset is the right partner at our side – with the same high focus on data security.

Katharina Meißner - Head of Marketing & Communication / Altran Germany

BMG Rights Management

At BMG we use Coyo as an integrated Intranet 2.0 solution. Coyo combines the usual requirements of an intranet software with the advantages of a modern social workplace and therefore is ideal for hosting content and discussions here at BMG.

Sebastian Hentzschel - Vice President, IS&T / BMG Rights Management

Sony Music

Direct communication and better operation – that's why Coyo is the perfect fit for Sony Music.

Daniel Federauer - Head of Innovation Management / Sony Music Germany

Conrad Electronic

As one of the strategic projects in 2013, the quick and unproblematic implementation of Conrad INSIDE (Coyo) has drastically improved the ways and speed of communication of the entire Conrad group.

Jörn Werner - CEO / Conrad Electronic

VOICE-Bundesverband der IT-Anwender e.V.

Our over 400 members, CIOs and IT managers from large cooperations and the "Mittelstand" from different industries demanded a modern and intuitive network for the members and for an exchange about best-practives. Coyo allowed us to satisfy this demand. Moreover, the migration, setup and operation of the platform are absolutely uncomplicated so that we are able to give only positive feedback so far. Many thanks to the mindsmash-Team!

Wolfgang Storck - Managing Director / VOICE-Federal Association of IT-Users

GS1 Germany

GS1 Germany is using Coyo as an innovation platform – a company-wide interactive place for exchanging and discussing new product ideas. We have an agile, user-friendly tool that allows us to leverage the implicit knowledge of our colleagues – because sharing knowledge creates knowledge.

Regina Haas-Hamannt - Referentin der Geschäftsführung & Innovationsmanagerin / GS1 Germany

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