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Multiple home pages

Create, design, and organize multiple home pages and assign them to specific groups within your company. Let your employees know what they need to know.

Mix static and dynamic content

COYO’s widget system allows you to create home pages that contain both static and dynamic content (e.g. COYO’s Timeline). Each home page can have its own layout and design. With our widget system, each home page can be individually designed and tailored for a specific purpose.

In-place editing

Say goodbye to complicated admin interfaces. You can edit home pages exactly where you see them.

Manage mobile content

You decide which content should be enabled for mobile devices and which should not. This means that you can optimize the home pages specifically for mobile use.

Everything in one place

The Timeline feature collects all the latest news from employees, pages, events, and workspaces in one clearly arranged news feed, making it the communication hub for everyone in the company.

Multimedia content

Share any multimedia content and COYO automatically generates a preview so your coworkers can see the content on the spot.

Likes  and comments

You can like a post to show your support. Comments allow you and your coworkers to directly start discussing a topic.

Share content

One of COYO’s key features is the ability to share content. This way, you can keep your coworkers in the loop on everything they need to know.

Fully customizable

You decide what you want to read: each user can individually select the sources for their timeline.

Organize your information

Pages collect information and data by topic, project, or department. This means everything can be organized just like in the real world and easily found again.

Content management

In COYO, you can add content to a page with just a click – and you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Add apps to the navigation bar and use widgets to fill pages with life.

Information = dynamic content

You can also add dynamic content to your pages. Blogs and wikis are just two examples of how easy it is with COYO to share knowledge.

Control visibility

You can create a page for everyone or for a specific group of employees. Just choose whether your page should be public or private and define which users should receive access.

Subscribe to pages

You can either create company-wide pages or pages that can be subscribed to by others. As soon as you subscribe to a page, all of the news from that page will be added to your personal timeline.

Organize your work

Workspaces are great for grouping projects, teams, or departments into their own areas. This allows you to create and maintain an organized and structured working environment.

Project management

Workspaces make managing projects easy. Wikis, Timeline, and Documents are just a few of the many useful apps that can help the project team get tasks done.

Control visibility

Just like pages and events, workspaces can be public, closed, or private. This means that you control who can see your workspace and who can access data.


If you’ve finished a project and don’t want to permanently delete the workspace, you can simply archive it. All of the data will remain there forever.

External workspaces (available soon)

With COYO, you can grant external partners access to certain workspaces. This is achieved by sharing a password-protected connection. This means you can also collaborate with individuals outside your company without granting them access to the rest of the network.

User profiles

Each user has their own profile with personal information and their own profile picture. Fellow coworkers can view your profile and discover the most important things about you.

Easily find and follow coworkers

The employee search doesn’t just show you basic information. You can also search by subject, area of expertise, and interests. In addition, you can follow any of your coworkers, which means you will see all of the content they post and any new information about them in your news feed.

Expert finder

COYO makes it very easy to find the experts in your company. Just enter the skill or area of expertise you’re looking for, and COYO will show you who can help.

Dynamic adress book

Your coworkers in COYO are like an address book. The only difference is that it automatically updates when users update their personal information.

Meet new coworkers

Connecting users offers many benefits: more knowledge is shared, innovation reaches new heights, and individual departments and teams become less isolated.

Open a direct line of communication

With COYO’s private messaging system, you can start a conversation with your coworkers. When you’re both online, the conversation automatically turns into a chat.

More than just a chat

COYO’s private chat feature allows you to quickly share files, regardless of the size. The status indicator also shows you who is currently online, away, or offline.

Group channel

Sometimes teams need to discuss something, but the subject isn’t large enough to warrant creating an entire workspace. COYO’s group channel feature allows you to hold conversations with any number of participants.

Always available

COYO’s message sidebar is always available on the right side of the screen. If you use COYO on your mobile device, you will see a red number when new messages arrive.


Company events

COYO’s Events feature allows you and your coworkers to plan and publish current events that are important to your business.

Gather feedback

Invited coworkers not only have the ability to respond to an invitation by saying that they are participating or not, they can also make comments and suggest a new time or place.

Visibility of events

Events can be public, closed, or private. This gives you full control over who can see and participate in your event.

Accept a "maybe" – or not

As the person who creates an event, you decide whether people can reply to invitations with “maybe,” or whether they have to give a definitive answer.


Past events don’t just disappear. As soon as an event is over, it can be moved to the event archive. All of the information, photos, and posts are still available.

Stay up-to-date

In COYO, new information can be posted in various areas. Notifications alert you to these updates and keep you informed.

Activities and discussion

We separate notifications into “Activity” and “Discussion” to help you identify which notifications require your immediate attention.

Real-time updates

When you actively use COYO, your notifications are loaded directly into the current browser window in real time.

Push notifications

You can even configure your notifications to keep you up-to-date via standard push notifications on your phone.

E-mail notifications

Some users are more active on the platform than others. To ensure that nobody misses a thing, COYO sends update e-mails to those who haven’t been online for a long time.

Directly unsubscribe

Sometimes you receive notifications that you no longer find interesting. COYO gives you the ability to disable further notifications on a subject with a single click.

Everything is searchable

All of the content posted to the platform as well as uploaded files are searchable on COYO. Of course COYO takes your access permissions into account when displaying the search results.

Quick and easy

The standard search feature works similarly to Google. There’s only one search box. If you make a typo, COYO will fix it for you automatically.

Your knowledge, always available

The search finds everything – so your knowledge is always available on COYO. You can filter the search results as needed to quickly find what you are looking for.

Real-time indexing

All the content posted to COYO is added directly to the search index. Your post is therefore included in the results and can be found via search only seconds after posting it.

Company search

Our professional search function can easily be extended. By connecting data sources such as SharePoint, file systems, etc., COYO’s search becomes a fully functional company search.

Any time, any place

COYO is available in a mobile version that gives you direct and instant access to the information and content on your company’s network.

Quick and easy

The entire COYO user interface is optimized for mobile use and all of the intranet’s features are also available on your smartphone.

Mobile communication

In addition to instant access to information, the COYO app also allows you to communicate easily and in real time with your coworkers, teams, and project groups.

Push notifications

COYO will keep you informed about important news, updates, and new private messages via push notifications.


A blog is perfect for sharing experiences and news. Write articles and share them with your coworkers.


The Wiki app creates a new wiki with articles, history, text content, images, and links in the form of widgets. You can design the layout of each article yourself.


Use the Content app to create great layouts. You can also include widgets and integrate them into your layout.


Upload files to the Document app, sort them into folders, and share them with your coworkers.


With this app, you can display and structure content in a table-like format. You define the fields and the structure of the list yourself. You can also export the results as a CSV file. 


Ask questions, provide answers, or discuss a topic of your choice with your coworkers.


The Timeline app is a kind of bulletin board for sharing news and other posts. It displays the respective timeline on pages, workspaces, and the home page.


Create tasks, add due dates, and assign them to other users. You also have the ability to combine several tasks into one list and create different task lists within the app.


The Events app displays all of the events associated with a page or workspace.


Create different forms and define the fields you need. The forms can be submitted by your coworkers and you can export the results as a CSV file.


Who will correctly guess the most scores? Compete with your coworkers!

Simple content management

On COYO, widgets provide the most important content management features. Use them to easily but effectively embed news pages, blogs, or wiki articles into the COYO interface.

Widget layout

With the COYO layout tools, you can create custom row and column structures to design beautiful pages and bring them to life.

Extensive widget catalog

COYO comes with a variety of built-in widgets, all fully compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Static content

Use static content widgets to create custom content. Some of the most important widgets include the headline, rich-text editor, image(s), and table widget.

Dynamic content

In addition to static content widgets, COYO also allows you to create widgets that retrieve information from external sources. An example of this is to display a page blog’s last five posts.

Widget API

COYO has a simple front-end widget application programming interface (API) that makes it extremely easy to create new widgets for specific requirements.

Available in many languages

You decide which language you want to communicate in between yourselves. You can easily add the many different languages in COYO’s admin area.

Customize and add a language

As an admin, you can easily adjust COYO’s language files in the administration area. Here you can also add or import new languages.

Automatic language recognition

You can either set a default language for your company, or COYO will automatically recognize a user’s language by checking their browser settings.

Multilingual interface

COYO supports three concepts in using multiple languages: 
1. One company language for everyone
2. Parallel content structures per country
3. In-place translations per widget

Users and groups

Users can be easily managed in one place. In order to avoid exceeding the license limit, users can be deactivated in the administration area.

Rights and roles

Rights and roles are defined in the administration panel and are assigned to users or groups. This feature allows you to define who can use which features in COYO.

Super admins

Super admins are administrators without access or authorization restrictions. They are ideal for solving problems and/or troubleshooting.

Apps and widgets

You define which apps and widgets you want to be activated in the system and available for use.


Although it is possible to integrate your preferred web analysis tool into the system, COYO also offers basic statistics and social monitoring features.

Settings and configurations

COYO offers admins many settings and configuration options. Admins can configure the authentication module, deactivate functions (e.g. private messages), and customize the design.

Developer guide

COYO’s software development kit (SDK) comes with a complete developer guide that explains the COYO architecture and concepts, while tutorials help with setup and adjustment.

Complete REST API

All COYO functions are available through an extensive, fully documented REST API.

Scaffolding project

Our SDK comes with a completely preconfigured and ready-to-use project structure that you can use for customization projects.

JavaDoc and ngDoc

COYO’s entire back end is fully documented with JavaDoc. Our front end is documented via ngDoc.

Partner community

On our partner community platform, our COYO developers will help you with any custom development questions you may have.

Partner and developer certification

We offer a challenging certification program for our partners and external developers that guarantees high quality for custom code.