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COYO is a fully-fledged enterprise solution that combines the concepts of a classic intranet with those of social networks. Alongside our end-user features, COYO comes with a wide range of enterprise features that allow you to use and manage COYO in small and large companies.

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Multiple homepages

Create, design and orchestrate multiple homepages and target them at specific groups in your company. Let people know what is important to them.

Mix static and dynamic content

COYO’s widget system allows you to create homepages with both static and dynamic content (e.g. COYO’s Timeline). The perfect transition from classic to social intranet.

In-place editing

No need for a complicated administration panel. Homepages can be edited and previewed right in-place.

Custom layout and design

Each homepage can have its own layout and design. Our widget system allows you to create a custom user-experience per homepage.

Manage mobile content

You control which widgets are visible on mobile devices. That way, you define a custom mobile user-experience.


All in one place

The Timeline gathers all the updates from your colleagues, pages, events and workspaces into a single news feed. It is the main communication hub for you and your colleagues.

Multimedia support

Share any multimedia file or link you like with your colleagues and COYO will automatically add a preview so that others can view audio, video or images right in place.

”Remind me later!“ *

When a post on the Timeline is important for you but you don’t have the time right now, simply have COYO remind you later about that post again.

Social sharing

Sharing information is an essential concept in COYO. That’s why COYO allows you to share almost anything with your colleagues and work-groups.

Fully customizable

Every user can fully customize the sources of this Timeline. You define what you want to read, not the other way round.

Likes and comments

You can like posts on your Timeline to show your support and comments allow you and your colleagues to have discussions about certain topics right in place.

Sticky posts

Admins can create "sticky" posts. Those posts stick to the top of the user's timeline for a certain period of time to assure that everybody reads them. This is ideal for very important company news.


Organize your information

Pages group information and data by topics, projects or departments. That way everything is organized according to the real world and easy to find.

Content management

Adding content to pages is a single-step process in COYO and you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Add apps to the navigation and use widgets to fill them with life.

Control your privacy

You can create pages for everyone or just a closed group of colleagues. Simply select if your page is public or private and define users who should have access.

Each page can be different

A page does not equal pure content. You can add various apps, even your own, to a page to create custom information hubs.

Enrich information with dynamic content

You can add dynamic content to your pages. Blogs and wikis are examples of how to leverage your user’s content experience.

Subscribe to page updates

You can either add company wide pages or pages that other’s can subscribe to. Once you have subscribed to a page, you will receive updates on your personal timeline.


Organize your work

Workspaces are perfect to group projects, teams or departments into separate channel By doing so, you keep your working environment organized and clear.

Knowledge management

All data is related to a predefined topic, project or team. Information is organized and structured automatically by the users. No need for complicated workflows or data centers.

Project management

Workspaces let you manage your projects easily. Wiki, Timeline and Documents are just a few of many great apps that help you and your team get things done.

Fully customizable

Add apps like the Timeline, Documents or Wiki to create just the workspace you need for your team or project.

Control visibility

Just like pages and events, workspaces can be public, closed or private. That means you control who can see and access your workspace and data.


When you are done with a project and you don’t want to delete your workspace, you can simply put it into the workspace archive. All your data is preserved forever.

Colleagues & user profile

User profiles

Each user has their own profile with custom information and an individual profile picture. Other colleagues can view your profile and see what you’ve been up to.

Find colleagues easily

The colleagues search function allows users to search not only by basic information but also by topics, expertise and interests.

Expert finder

With COYO it’s very simple to find the experts within your company. Simply state the skill or expertise you are looking for and COYO will tell you who can help.

Dynamic Address Book

Colleagues in COYO are like an address book. The only difference is that it updates itself automatically when people update their personal information.

Meet new colleagues

Connecting people in your company has many benefits. The knowledge exchange increases, innovation reaches a new level and the isolation of single departments or teams decreases.

Follow colleagues

If you are interested in what one of your colleagues is doing, you can follow him and receive updates about his activities in your news feed.

Private Messaging

Chat or conversation

COYO’s private messaging system allows you to start conversations with colleagues that turn into a chat automatically when you’re both online.

Exchanging files

The private messaging features of COYO allow users to quickly exchange small and large files. This eliminates the need for sending out emails that take long to be delivered.

Message archiving

Each user has their own private messaging portal with access to all current and past conversations. Here, users can archive conversations to view them later.

Group Channels

Sometimes teams will need to discuss something, but the topic isn't big enough to be a workspace. COYO allows conversations with any number of participants.

Always available

COYO’s messaging bar is always available at the right side of the screen. If you are on a mobile device, you will see a flashing red number when you receive new messages.

Online & Away Status

COYO’s online status is not just for seeing who is online and who isn’t. You can even mark yourself as ”Gone“ and let your colleagues know when you’ll be back.


Company events

COYO’s event feature allows you and your colleagues to publish upcoming events that are important for your company.

Get feedback

Invited colleagues can not only respond to your invitation by saying they are attending or not. They can also comment back and propose a new time or place.

Control the visibility of your events

Events can either be public, closed or private. That way, you have full control over who can see and participate.

Events are social!

By definition events are social because they bring people together. Why not begin social in the digital world and even before the real event?

Allow or disallow 'Maybe'

You decide whether people can answer your event invitations with ‘maybe’ or if you want a definite response.


Events that have taken place do not simply disappear. Once an event is over, you can find it in the events archive and browse all its information, photos and posts.


Up to date!

COYO is a social network and new information can be published in many different places. Notifications inform you about these updates and keep you up to date.

Activity & Discussion

We separate notifications into ”Activity” and ”Discussion” to help you identify what notifications require immediate attention.

Real-time updates

While a user is actively browsing COYO, notifications are raised in real-time directly into the current browser window.

Push notifications

Users can even configure their notification settings to be informed on their smartphones via push notifications.

Email integration

Some users might be more active in the network than others. To ensure that nobody misses anything, COYO is smart enough to send update mails to only those users that haven’t already seen new updates online.

Direct unsubscribe

Sometimes you will receive notifications that you don’t find interesting anymore. COYO gives you the option to opt-out of more notifications about a subject with a single click.

Global Search

Everything is searchable

All published content and even uploaded files are searchable in COYO. Of course, COYO takes your permissions into account when showing search results.

Quick and easy

The default search works pretty much like Google. It’s a single search field and darn easy to use. If you add a typo, COYO will suggest a fix. Oh and it’s really fast!

Your knowledge, forever

Because everything can be searched for in COYO, your knowledge is never lost. It will always be available through the search and you can filter the results by their age.

Smart filters & aggregrations

COYO not only gives you the best search results. It also lets you filter by their type, their publication date and even by the place where they have been published.

Enterprise search

Our professional search can easily be extended with additional sources. By connecting data-sources like SharePoint, file systems or others, COYO's search becomes your full featured enterprise search.

Real-time indexing

All content that is published in COYO is added to the search index right away. So only seconds after you have published a post, others will be able to find it through the search function.


Any time, any place

COYO is available in a mobile version that gives you direct and quick access to the information and content of your organization’s network.

Mobile first

The user-interface is optimized for mobile devices and all features are available in a mobile-friendly way.

Mobile communication

In addition to accessing information quickly, COYO mobile also enables you to communicate with your colleagues, teams and project groups easily.

Push notifications

COYO will inform you through push notifications about important news, updates or new private messages.



Of course, we also have a blog. COYO is your tool for great communication and one of the most modern tools to share information, ideas and experiences in a blog.


Instead of restricting access to documents by ownership, a wiki is designed to let everyone work on everything. Our Wiki App supports article hierarchies and versioning.


Our Content App gives you the option to create a custom site with the full power of our widget system.


With our Files App you can add a storage place to your page or workspace. Others can collaborate, upload new versions or download complete folders as ZIP files.


The Dynamic List App allows you to configure lists with custom columns that you and your colleagues can work on together. This is useful in so many ways! Keeping lists for clients, projects or bills are just a few examples of what this flexible app could be used for.


You can use our Forum App to start dedicated discussions on certain topics. Users can create new topic discussions and find solutions for problems together.


A timeline is a place where people can post updates, files or interesting links. It’s one of the main features in COYO and it’s the digital mapping for real world communication.


Our Media App supports albums and a nice lightbox viewer for your photos and videos. Share real insights with your colleagues today!


Add and manage events with COYO's Events App. If a user is following a page or is member of a workspace, the events are also visible in the global events view of the user.


COYO ships with a lightweight API for creating custom apps for your special requirements – for example for integrating external applications into COYO.


Simple, powerful content management

Widgets are COYO's main content management feature. We use them to create news pages, blog or wiki articles in a simple, yet powerful way.

Widget layouts

Our layouting tools allow you to create custom row and column structures to orchestrate beautiful pages.

Extensive widget catalog

COYO ships with a variety of built-in widgets, all of which are completely compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Static content

Static content widgets allow you to create custom content. Some of the most important widgets to mention are the Headline, Rich-Text, Image or the Table widget.

Dynamic content

In addition to static content widgets, COYO allows you to create widgets that pull their information from other sources, f.e. displaying the latest blog article or the contact information of a colleague.

Widget API

COYO ships with a very simply, front-end only widget API that makes it extremely easy to create new widgets for your special requirements.


External workspaces *

COYO allows you to grant external people access to certain workspaces in your network. This is done by sharing a password protected link with externals. That way, you can work together with people outside of your organization without giving them access to the rest of your network.

Share information and files

By inviting people from outside of your organization into your workspaces, you can easily share any information or file with them. In addition, you can of course use all the other great apps in COYO. You could, for example, use the Forms App to create an order sheet that allows your clients to order your products online. There are no limits!

External user accounts *

Each external person gets his or her own user account. This allows them to reuse the accounts and even join another external workspace – if invited.


Available in many languages

COYO is a network where you and your colleagues can communicate and collaborate. Therefore, it is up to you in which language you communicate. COYO's user interface is currently available in English and German. More languages can easily be added via COYO’s administration console.

Language customization

You can easily customize COYO’s language files via the administration console.

Additional languages

New languages can also be added or imported easily via the administration interface.

Automatic language detection

You can either specify a default language for your company or you can let COYO automatically detect a user’s language by analyzing the browser settings.

Multi-language concepts

COYO supports three multi-language concepts:
1. One corporate language for everyone
2. Parallel content structures per country
3. In-place translations per widget


Users & groups

Manage users easily in one place. You can also deactivate users and they will not be counted towards your license user limit.

Roles & permissions

You can define roles and permission sets and assign them to your users and groups. This is very powerful in COYO, because it also allows you to define who can use which features.


Superadmins are administration users without access or permission restrictions. They are great for solving problems or troubleshooting.

Apps & widgets

You define which apps and which widgets are activated in the system.


Even though you can add your preferred web analytics tool to COYO, we have also integrated basic statistics and social monitoring features.

Settings & configuration

COYO offers admins a wide variety of possible settings and configurations to customize your network. You can control the authentication module, deactivate certain features (f.e. private messaging) or customize the look & feel.

Software Development Kit

Developer guides

COYO’s SDK comes with a complete developer guide that explain COYO’s architecture and concepts. Tutorials will help you get started with customizing and building.


All of COYO’s features are available through a completely documented and rich REST API.

Scaffolding project

We deliver our SDK with a completely prepared and ready out-of-the-box project structure that you can use in your customizing projects.

JavaDoc & ngDoc

COYO’s entire backend is completely documented with JavaDoc. Our front-end is documented via ngDoc.

Partner community

Our COYO core developers are ready to answer all questions regarding custom development in our partner community platform.

Partner & developer certification

For our partners and external developers we offer a sophisticated certification program that ensures high quality in custom developed code.

* Comming soon
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