Perfect collaboration for internal and external teams

Digital teamwork

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Easily connect with each other

Imagine a place where you can collaborate with your coworkers easily and effortlessly – regardless of whether they’re all at one location or scattered across the globe. This place exists: COYO. With COYO, everyone working together on a project has access to the same data and is always on the same page. In other words, the best conditions for successful collaboration.


The Workspaces feature allows you to easily group and organize projects, teams, or whole departments – and do so based on your specific needs. Workspaces can be precisely what you need them to be. They can be public or private and you can extend their features with different apps like timelines, documents, and wikis, for example.



Pages collect information and data by topic, project, or department. This means everything can be organized just like in the real world and easily found again. You can design each page to suit your individual needs and add different apps as required.

Expert finder

Are you looking for a true marketing expert for a project, experienced sales professionals, or someone who is familiar with urban gardening? On COYO, you simply type in who you’re looking for and find out who can help you.



Knowledge management

“Now where do I find that again?” With COYO, you’ll never ask that question again. This is because if you put something on COYO, you’ll always be able to find it. All of your company’s information is automatically organized and structured – so everyone can find it quickly. Which means that even when new employees join the company, you’ll never lose any knowledge.

External workspace members

With COYO, you can easily grant external individuals – like customers and freelancers – password-protected access to specific workspaces on your intranet. This allows you to expand the team for your project as needed.



If, for example, you’ve completed a project but don’t want to delete the workspace, just put it in the archive. This will hide the data from view but keep it quickly accessible if you ever need to access it again.

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All use cases

Here are the many different ways COYO can be used by your Company:


Team messaging

Say goodbye to “Fwd:” and “Re: Re: Re:.”. COYO makes internal communication incredibly easy and efficient – for everyone! in the company.

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Internal communication

The Times when communication flowed in one direction is over. Everyone can actively participate.

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Digital teamwork

So much to do, so little clarity? With COYO, you can easily manage entire teams and projects on one platform – so everyone is up-to-date.

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Global search

Perfectly stored and quickly found: You can find everything you are looking for in seconds with our reliable global search in COYO.

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Mobile first

COYO is perfectly at home on your smartphone. This means you always have everything you need with you – whether at the office or on the train.

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An intranet that you work with on a daily basis should be one thing above all else: intuitive and easy to use. Work intuitively with COYO.

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Real-world insights

Check out how the METRO Group uses COYO.

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