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Understand the expectations of individual teams in real time

With Engagement Insights you have a choice of over 150 questions and 10 different question types, allowing you to customize your surveys and then send them out at the right time and via the right channels to every team.


Identify strengths and potential for optimization

Your individual surveys can be distributed to the right target groups via various channels. Whether it’s by email, SMS, Slack or COYO Chat – with an average response rate of 81%, you are guaranteed to generate more insights than ever!

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Get visualized evaluations and recommendations

You can view the results of your individual surveys in real time and filter by various user groups. With just one click, you can also export visualized evaluations, carry out semantic analyses of your data records and set benchmarks.

Tailor-made surveys

The option to customize your surveys for different target groups ensures relevant content and a high response rate.

Relevant results

Thanks to the clear dashboards, you can analyze, compare and export your various surveys quickly and easily.


Data-based recommendations

With the data you collect, context-based recommendations are drawn up for you and potential improvements are fed directly into the next survey.

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