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To give you an overview of what our COYO Engage employee experience app can do, we have provided you a brief summary below. The product page gives you a look at the app, while our use cases show you the functions that benefit the company as a whole. Here you will also find our employee app white paper, which can be downloaded for free. And if that’s still not enough, you can find exquisite reading material on our blog, where we report how an employee experience app increases productivity and turnover while helping you avoid high GDPR fines.


COYO Engage product page

Want to learn about the most important benefits of our COYO Engage employee experience app and take a look at the design? Then have a look at our product page. It also shows you how to give COYO Engage a try.

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Use Cases

Here you can get an insight into how versatile COYO Engage is and how well the employee app suits to your everyday work:

2 platforms, 1 Digital Home

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Remote onboarding

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Connecting all locations

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Secure internal data transmission

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Knowledge database for the company

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Every opinion counts!

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Available for downloading: our free whitepaper

Our whitepaper explains how the employee experience app can help you reach all your employees while reinforcing identification with and commitment to the company. We also provide important insights on topics such as corporate design, security and data protection.

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