COYO Engage 

Whether branch employees, field sales staff, or factory workers, our COYO Engage employee app lets you reach everyone at the company – whenever and wherever. 

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Why you need COYO Engage

With COYO Engage, we offer you a smart app that enables you to reach all employees at your enterprise. Whether important company news or updates from different departments, you will be generating significant value added for all employees, wherever they happen to be working.  As a result, you will be boosting identification and affinity with the company, enhancing communication between coworkers, and making the entire corporate culture more transparent.  We also attach great importance to the security of your data. And best of all: the COYO Engage employee app is completely free to all COYO customers. 


Connect with all employees

Reaching employees always represents the greatest challenge in terms of internal communication, especially when it comes to staff who travel a lot or who do not sit at a computer every day. COYO Engage lets you connect with everyone, from sales reps and production staff through to your coworkers in the office. And it’s as easy as ABC.


Boost identification

It’s no secret that employees are more loyal and productive when they identify with their company.  Transparency plays a pivotal role in this regard. Inform your employees about all relevant topics at the company, thus giving them an opportunity to discuss them among themselves.  It is crucial that all employees have access to this information and that nobody is excluded. 


Enjoy peace of mind

There isn’t a more important issue than data security.  Unfortunately, insecure messaging services such as WhatsApp are being used for business communication at many companies, putting confidential data at great risk. We take our responsibility to protect your data extremely seriously and offer features such as single sign-on.

What you can do with COYO Engage

Thanks to COYO Engage, you can not only improve communication between the company and the workforce, but also interaction between coworkers. Provide your employees with up-to-date company news, find the right colleague in the blink of an eye using the list of contacts, and bounce ideas around with your team in a group chat.  It’s all so simple and straightforward.



Your news feed puts all key company information at your fingertips, on your smartphone. And you will never miss anything again thanks to instant push notifications*. You can also subscribe* to new pages straight from your smartphone. (* These features are already in the implementation phase.)


Direct messaging

Whether private messages or group chats, the COYO Engage instant messenger makes collaboration so much quicker, simpler, and more straightforward. You can easily send documents and photos – and even add emojis😍👍🏻. What’s more, push notifications keep you up to date with the very latest news.  (Don’t worry, you can always switch them off.)



Whether chat usernames, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers, you have access to all colleagues’ contact details thanks to COYO Engage. You don’t know who best to contact? No problem. You can search by name, job title, and department in the expert finder. This is not only extremely useful for finding experts based at other sites, but also makes life easier for new employees.

How to get COYO Engage

Let’s do it! COYO Engage can be set up in next to no time and is accessible to all employees with a smartphone (iOS or Android). Whether you are a COYO customer or not (yet), find out here how to get COYO Engage. 


Already a COYO customer?

We’ve got some great news for you: if you already have a social intranet from COYO, we will give you COYO Engage free of charge.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

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