COYO Analytics

With COYO Analytics, we provide you with all the relevant performance indicators for your platform so that you never lose sight of either the forest or the trees. That way you can keep an eye on how your platform is performing at all times.


What you will like about COYO Analytics:



Top-line Intranet KPIs

We provide you with access to the most important performance indicators for your social intranet – from user activities, through the number of active pages and communities, to the messages sent. Fast, straightforward, reliable



Evaluation of pages & communities

How many users read your company news? What is your average engagement rate? And how many employees actually use the running-group community? Our evaluations will help you quickly gain an overview of the activities on your pages and communities – or drill deep into your metrics.


Content performance insights

Would you rather improve your content based on performance indicators – and not a gut feeling? No problem. COYO Analytics reveals immediately which content attracts particular attention among your employees. Likes, shares, comments, reach, engagement rate – COYO Analytics helps improve your content based on the figures and helps to boost engagement with your social intranet.


Exportable reports

Tiresome tables and eternal copying and pasting? Drop it. COYO Analytics lets you turn your performance indicators into reports very easily. Not only the boss will be happy about that. Data security in COYO Analytics

Data security with COYO Analytics



We attach particular importance to the privacy of all users. All relevant data streams and metrics are recorded by us and processed to be GDPR-compliant – and to stay that way.



Fact: we process no personal data. Through encryption and anonymization, we ensure that nothing can be traced back to specific individuals.


Data security

Transmission of data from COYO to COYO Analytics is protected by SSL. All databases in COYO Analytics are encrypted using AES256 as standard. This ensures data security.



users already use COYO as their Digital Home.

Top-level trends & detailed analyses


Understanding users

Data-driven decisions instead of gut feeling – with COYO Analytics, you can increase your adaption and engagement rates sustainably. The data we collect show you, among other things, which news is read particularly often, whether your employees prefer timeline posts or blogs, and which departments interact particularly well.


Strategic management 

COYO Analytics provides you with all the data you need to get to know better the users of your social intranet and how they behave. Gain insights into how your employees consume and interact with content. This makes it easy for you to manage your social intranet strategically.


Justifying investments

Use data to discover the benefits that COYO offers your company. With COYO Analytics, you always know precisely how many employees are on the platform every day, how often the onboarding page of the HR department is accessed, and whether the latest timeline post from the management really reached everyone. An added practical benefit: the data can very easily be exported and distributed as a report.

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