Lost in digitalization – Managers caught between different worlds

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COVID-19, lockdown, remote work: the year 2020 pushed many companies to their limits – especially those that had up till then not placed digitization high on their agenda. The pressure to undergo transformation is high, not only in terms of the right virtual office setup, but above all in terms of the general digital mindset – and this type of change management starts with managers rather than with HR. Although this development is not new, the corona pandemic has accelerated this “train to the New Normal”. Those who do not get on board now will be left behind because, spoiler: things will never be the same again.


Providing a company car to attract talent was yesterday

But why are digital leadership qualities more important than ever today? Because Generation Y, which makes up a large part of the workforce, is more interested in flexibility and freedom than a Mercedes with a company logo. This generation has grown up with and during the digitization process, and their demands on technology and media usage – both in their private or professional life – are the logical result. 📱💻

Job expectations are no about longer fixed working hours and in-office work, but about new freedoms, such as the option of working flexibly and remotely – and not just for the duration of the corona pandemic, but for the long term. Companies without the willingness to break down old structures and management patterns are doomed to lose out in the war for talent. In order to defend your position as a market leader in your own industry or even become a trendsetter, your company needs good people. What do the latter expect? Digital, flexible and collaborative cooperation – across all instances and departments.




Coach rather than boss

According to the New Work Report by the online magazine “Gründerszene”, only one in five companies succeeds in this transformation while the rest fail. Why? Because usually a company’s expectations of their employees change, but only rarely its management style. 

Agile work is a buzzword that often comes up in this context. But how does agile collaboration actually work? By breaking down hierarchies. Agility is all about flexible and collaborative cooperation. This also means that managers must help employees develop their specific skills, which in turn benefits the company. Superiors should instead take on the role of a coach. The different skill sets within a team must be recognized, properly leveraged and appreciated. 


How does COYO support this transformation process?

The “new normal” will not work without a digital communication strategy. Various tools that can help with this are of course available. Important: the solution must be flexible, customizable and intuitively usable. A social intranet such as COYO can be used as a central point of contact for information of all kinds, thus creating a relaxed working atmosphere with a strong sense of unity. This gives every employee the option of also reaching all their colleagues remotely – regardless of management level. Mobile communication using the COYO  employee app can also make a decisive contribution to promoting collaboration – whether working from home, on the road, in a production facility or on the construction site. We aim to help you improve digital communication while providing you support with your changes in corporate culture.


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