The seven main reasons in favor of a mobile intranet

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Are you in the process of purchasing an intranet solution for your company and wondering whether a desktop version is enough on its own? Or would you like to find out about the benefits of making your existing intranet, which is currently only compatible with desktop machines, more mobile?

The arguments for a mobile intranet do indeed play a pivotal role from a business perspective. Core company objectives such as employee loyalty and motivation, enhanced communication, faster processes, efficiency and productivity, cost reduction, and data protection can all be achieved much more effectively – or made possible in the first place – with a mobile intranet. In the following seven reasons in favor of a mobile intranet, we will tell you how:

1. It reaches all employees at the company

If your company’s intranet is only accessible via desktop PCs, it will only reach those employees who actually sit at desks. At big firms, however, up to 70% of staff are “deskless,” including production employees, sales assistants, parcel couriers, nurses, train conductors, servers, hotel employees, and many other groups. They all have no access to a stationary intranet and can only be contacted themselves by e-mail with difficulty and considerable delay. Solutions such as terminals or a shared PC for all warehouse employees hardly ever work in practice.

But the problem of intermittent availability doesn’t just apply to deskless workers. Sales staff who are currently visiting a major client, or marketing staff who are busy setting up a trade fair stand, sometimes don’t have access to a PC for days at a time. They too may miss vital information.

With a mobile intranet, however, all employees can be easily contacted via their smartphone, wherever they are. They can use short breaks or waiting times to quickly see if there is any important news. This allows them to maintain regular contact with the company and stay up to date.

2. A mobile intranet fosters employee loyalty and motivation

Given the extremely high staff turnover rates witnessed in many sectors, a mobile intranet is an ace up any employer’s sleeve. Employer branding is the name of the game. In particular, the possibility of communicating via a mobile social intranet, the increased corporate transparency, and the opportunity to make a difference all give rise to genuine affinity and identification. The employee is part of the company – all day long, wherever they are. This sense of belonging is symbolized by the presence of the company app and the associated corporate identity on the employee’s cell phone, which is usually their private device. After all, not everyone can earn a place on this most important of devices, which is a constant companion for many.

Employee motivation goes hand in hand with employee loyalty. An employee will only remain motivated to go the extra mile if they identify and feel an affinity with the company. A well-functioning suggestion and complaint management system, accessible via the mobile intranet itself, may have a useful role to play in this regard. This ensures that no valuable ideas are wasted and gives employees a sense that they can actually make a difference for the better.

3. Faster and more effective internal communication

Every year, digitalization plays an increasingly central role in the private lives of German workers. About 70% of the population were smartphone users in 2018, with most of them spending several hours a day on the device. They communicate increasingly via instant messaging services and social networks, whereas news is read in apps. They conveniently access training in the form of e-learning. But although this is all a matter of course in people’s private lives, it’s still in its infancy at many firms. With a mobile intranet, however, you will be moving with the times and building on your employees’ usual modes of communication.

But a mobile intranet doesn’t just enable a more intuitive communication structure for workers. After all, the reasons why chat messages and social network posts have established themselves as primary communication channels cannot simply be dismissed: they can be checked and written quickly from anywhere. They are also more interactive, more dynamic, and much more transparent than e-mails, including for coworkers who are brought on board at a later stage. As you can see, many benefits will be available to your company with a mobile intranet.


4. Push notifications keep everyone up to date – at all times

Push notifications on mobile devices represent a key communication channel in a digital age. When used in combination with a mobile intranet, they ensure that we never miss any important tasks, developments, or information. News from the intranet is displayed directly on the employees’ mobile devices – whenever and wherever. Employees can customize their settings to decide exactly how and when they wish to receive push notifications.

A field sales representative, for instance, will find out just in time for their meeting with the customer that there has been a delay in the delivery of a product. And a member of the marketing department can be notified on their journey to a trade fair that the new prototypes urgently need to be collected from customs. Otherwise, the employees concerned would not have seen these messages until several hours later.

What’s more, it can no longer be taken for granted that Generation Z youngsters are easy to reach by e-mail. These young talents tend to neglect this relatively slow and inflexible older medium. So if you really want to get their attention, you’re better off sending them a push notification.

5. Your structures comply with data protection law

The emergence of a significant shadow IT system can be witnessed at almost all companies without an internal alternative to major instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means, for example, staff checking the date and time of customer meetings in the evening by WhatsApp, and project developments being discussed with a sick colleague via Facebook Messenger. This practice is completely beyond management control, of course, and almost always breaches the company’s own data protection guidelines, not to mention applicable data protection legislation.

With a mobile intranet, you can provide your employees with a straightforward solution. They continue to enjoy the convenience of an instant messenger, with its speed and user-friendliness. You also guarantee that customer and employee data is only used within your own protected channels, meaning that data remains auditable and that you can specify exactly who has access to what data. This protects you against costly cease-and-desist action.

6. Your employees become even more productive

There is plenty of unused downtime during the week, such as waiting for buses and dental appointments, taking the elevator to the next meeting, and watching as the evening meal cooks in the oven. During these waiting periods, many people reach for their smartphone to pass the time. With a mobile intranet, a significant portion of this “dead time” can be transformed into productive working time.

Your employees can get up to date with the current status of a project, quickly answer a question from another department, or interact socially by commenting on a coworker’s vacation photo – thus contributing to the positive working atmosphere and overall employee loyalty. And they can do so whenever and wherever, any time they get a few “spare” minutes.

A mobile intranet can also help employees get through an acute motivational low point, such as the notorious “afternoon slump,” and thus avert prolonged unproductive periods. That’s because anyone who can change their working interface from time to time and do a bit of work on their favorite private device (their smartphone) will be far more productive overall.


7. A mobile intranet saves time and money

Many businesses are put off by the costs associated with a mobile intranet solution. But in fact, the cost of the software per employee, per month, works out about the same as a coffee – while also saving time and money. As explained above, employees not only become more productive on average, but they also have to attend far fewer time-consuming and costly meetings. That’s because many things can be discussed and planned more efficiently, irrespective of time and place, within the intranet.

Thanks to a mobile intranet, it’s also quick and easy to tell employees about a new shift plan or company party, with the system also serving as the ideal platform for all subsequent planning stages, change requests, and follow-up information. The days in which you needed to phone dozens of employees without a company e-mail address have therefore been consigned to history, along with the constant uncertainty about whether all colleagues have noticed a change in the documents posted on the bulletin board. With a mobile intranet, the latest information can be sent to all employees in just a few minutes via push notification.

Another time- and money-saving aspect is the hardware. This is due to a trend that is even being witnessed among in-house employees and that often makes the most sense when it comes to deskless workers: “bring your own device” (BYOD). If your employees use their own mobile devices, this not only saves you the purchase price, but also the time and costs associated with training. It also minimizes user errors and issues.

In a nutshell: a mobile intranet takes you to the next level

A mobile intranet opens up a huge range of benefits for your company. First and foremost, it finally makes it possible to connect with all employees, including “deskless workers” and staff members on business trips and in customer meetings. The process of communicating with them is faster and more effective, as everyone is always bang up to date on key developments, whether at the company as a whole or in relation to their specific projects.

But it’s not just you who has a better connection with your company’s staff. They are able to network much more intensively with each other, but without compromising on data protection – unlike at many firms without a mobile intranet. With a mobile intranet, on the other hand, customer and employee data can be protected in a legally compliant manner.

This improved networking, coupled with the feeling of making a genuine contribution, results in increased loyalty to the company and greater motivation. The latter is one of the main positive factors influencing employee productivity. In addition, a mobile intranet makes it possible to proactively utilize much of the everyday downtime – which is usually taken up with waiting and private messages – in a way that benefits the company. And last but definitely not least: all these simplifications and improvements associated with a mobile intranet not only save your company valuable time, but also hard cash!

From a business standpoint, we strongly recommend that you choose an outstanding mobile solution when purchasing an intranet for your company. For more details of what to look for, read our article entitled “Six tips for a better mobile intranet.


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