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Change management is close to our hearts - also when it comes to the environment and measures for sustainable working at and with COYO – we care a lot about the environment too. Read on to find out what we do on our journey to net zero emissions and how you can reduce your carbon footprint too. After all, we're in this together. So let's fight side by side to tackle the biggest issue of our time: global warming.


Sustainability as part of the corporate culture

Here at COYO we have given ourselves core values, and sustainability is amongst one of them, it is deeply rooted into our organisation. As a software company, we do not have supply chains or logistics to take care of. It is the people who take the centre stage.

From the early COYO years, there were individual contributors and colleagues who drove the issue of sustainability within the company by questioning decisions and actively and strategically initiating changes towards becoming more eco-friendly:


1. COYO only uses renewable energies

It was in 2017 when we switched to green electricity and our office lamps and monitors illuminated our happy faces now by the power of renewable energy. The following year, all our servers and hosted customers ran on it too. We upgraded our heating system with smart AI-based controls to lower room temperatures overnight and for rooms that are not in use.

2. Environmental event and food partners

We also pay attention to ecological production in our employee benefits and event catering and rely on regionally sourced and organic food and beverages and local service providers.

3. CO2 compensation of Business Trips

You may remember: Before 2020 and the New Normal, business travel was still a big issue with a huge CO2 impact. We are very aware of this - even if some trips cannot be avoided, we also try to act as sustainably as possible here. How do we make that happen? We compensate all our flights, from business trips to relocating new colleagues from other countries. You can find out exactly how this compensation works here.


The biggest challenge: compensating for growth sustainably

At some point in time, we realised that we were victims of our own success. While a lot of the obvious and big questions have been addressed, it has gradually shift to smaller focal points. Areas to generate impact have been harder to find. We can now discuss which brand for office cleaning products might be the most promising to switch to. And that is a quite fortunate thing. In the beginning of 2020, our founder Jan decided that it was time to join forces with other companies to create more leverage and learn from each other. We joined the Leaders for Climate Action and went on to measure and offset our carbon footprint for the first time in our history. COYO is now a certified climate neutral company. You can find out here what exact measures have been taken for this purpose.




Let's get better together!

But of course it will not stop there. As time and technology is progressing, so are we in our aspiration to get better too. This is why we will continue to do what we do best as a software company: Act, observe, adjust. And then start all over again.

If we learn from others, maybe you can learn from us too. This is why we have added several sections about our own initiatives, projects we support and information on what everyone can do as a company but also on an individual level.

If you would like to discuss this topic with us or have any other suggestions for us, please feel free to contact our Climate Officer Daniel. We welcome any new ideas on how COYO can become even more climate-friendly and ecologically efficient. 🌍 🤲 💚


Dorothee Thomsen

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