Stefan Schnock to become COYO’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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We proudly announce that Stefan Schnock, former Vice President of Finance at COYO, has taken on the role of COYO’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As a C-Level executive at COYO, he is now also one of the company’s publicly listed Managing Directors (Geschäftsführer) next to Daniel Busch (CRO) and Jan Marius Marquardt (Founder & CEO).

Before joining COYO, Stefan Schnock gathered several years of experience as a business consultant and project manager at Dr. Thede Consulting, a leading management consulting firm in the German speaking payment market. Stefan Schnock holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Hamburg with a Finance major.

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Daniel is CRO at COYO and responsible for sales & marketing. In the COYO blog he informs about company news and is dedicated to leadership and change management.

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