Why nothing will work without remote recruiting in 2021 and how you can do it right

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The past year triggered many changes in internal communications due to several lockdowns, social distancing and remote work – including the recruiting and onboarding of new employees. A sizeable proportion of employees will continue to work from home in 2021 – including HR teams and recruiters. Companies now have to quickly set up digital processes for bringing new talent on board if they do not want to lose the war for talent. Does this sound like massive pressure to reorganize? Indeed, it is. That’s why we’re going to tell you what it all could look like, and why remote recruiting also offers significant advantages.


What can this kind of digital recruiting process look like?

Since many companies already conduct initial interviews with applicants via Zoom, Hangout and similar programs, this is nothing new. Much more important: communicating a company’s values, corporate culture, and, last but not least, its team spirit.


1. The employee journey starts with the first call

As it is important for recruiters to correctly assess both the technical skills and the compatibility of applicants, it is helpful if a future team member joins the call alongside a recruiter during the first interview. This helps all parties to find out early whether job-related expectations are in sync and the vibes are good. If the first interview is successful, there is nothing to be said against making a second call with the entire team – doing so is not only informative for the applicant, but also shows his or her potential colleagues that they are involved in the decision and that their opinion counts. 



2. Access to all relevant information

A “single point of information & communication” is very valuable for new employees in the digital onboarding process, as this is where they can find all important information, contacts and documents without having to search for a long time or ask a lot of people. COYO can function as such a point of contact, helping you and your newbies make the best possible start, even remotely. 🚀


3. Bringing team spirit to life digitally

Despite – or precisely because of – the physical distance, it is important to give new employees a sense of belonging from day one. Virtual lunch dates, coffee breaks or team events also offer newbies and the team a great opportunity to communicate on a personal level, thus strengthening team cohesion and increasing motivation


The great advantage of remote recruiting

Apart from the fact that remote recruiting is much more efficient thanks to the elimination of travel expenses and time, it offers another very decisive advantage: it can be used to recruit employees for location-independent jobs all over the world, resulting in a virtually unlimited selection of candidates. 🌍

In order for employees from different locations to work together optimally it is necessary to have an intuitive tool for digital networking between all employees. A social intranet can connect all colleagues – regardless of location and time zone. COYO offers language functions that display information in different languages and automatically translate posts, comments and pages to ensure smooth international collaboration. This facilitates international communication and gives everyone access to the company’s entire internal knowledge resources, irrespective of their location.


Remote recruiting is more than a stop-gap solution

processes must become the new HR standard. It will be hard to continue bringing good people on board without such readiness. Seize the opportunity to optimize your processes now! Take advantage of the new freedoms to build excellent teams, rather than burying your head in the sand.

I’ll give the last word to our expert Stephanie Joslyn, who as Vice President People & Culture, rocks (remote) recruiting at COYO with her team:


“With the first lockdown in March 2020, COYO suddenly became a remote-first company. Processes were turned upside down overnight, we restructured a lot and rethought the employee experience – also in terms of recruiting and onboarding, both of which have been completely digital since then. We enjoyed the clear advantage of using our own product. Leveraging our social intranet as an internal communication platform helps us continue to live our corporate culture while sharing it more effectively with new colleagues. My lessons: remote work and digital recruiting only function if communication is transparent. This is the only way to find and establish new solutions together. New processes must be seen as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle. And that’s definitely the case with COYO!”



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