In the pipeline: Release 29!

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This will make the hearts of developers in particular beat faster! We have great news about the progress of plug-ins and other areas of COYO that have migrated to Angular.

New development stage: plug-ins

Some innovations develop their full effect later rather than being visible at first glance. This is the case with our plug-ins: we are creating the conditions to allow an even greater customization of COYO with so-called plug-in widgets. 

In Version 27 we have laid the foundation stone for this. With the current Release 29, our plug-ins have reached the next stage in their development: developers are given a wide range of setting options to create plug-in widgets and map individual use cases. For example, these widgets can be set to react responsively in COYO and adapt to the respective environment in COYO. Click here for further information on developing plug-in widgets.

Note: We are currently in the beta phase for this feature. Try it out for yourself.

img pluginsAngular migration is making progress

The next areas in COYO have been migrated from AngularJS to Angular: personal settings as well as document app settings. We also gave these features a new look & feel while we were at it.


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