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We have something special for you! We tweaked the user experience in our latest release: improvements in the search results list make your life easier and moving widgets has become much more intuitive. But one thing at a time:

Finding is the new searching! 🔎

We are expanding our search: the first step we have taken is arrangement by segments in the hit list. Three hits are displayed per segment. The item you’re looking for does not appear in the top 3? No problem, simply click on “Show all results” and all of the segment’s search will be displayed:

coyo-mockup-new search

And that’s not all! We have also adjusted the filter logic. The update also provides you a better overview of your results: from now on you can only select one type of filter. This keeps the results lean while facilitating orientation. Last but not least: Want to know the last time the respective hit was worked on? Simply hover the mouse over the time entry. You are immediately shown the last change.

Outlook: Look forward to the next updates, as they will bring more amazing new search features. For example, you will soon be able to sort your hit list by date. Stay tuned!

Move widgets with style

Did you make a mistake in setting up your website or your community? 👷Do you want the face game on the right rather than on the left? Easy peasy! Drag & drop is now also available for the widgets*. This way you save clicks and moving widgets is much more fun!


And since we know that drag & drop is helpful in many other places, we have also equipped all apps that can be supplemented with widgets with this feature.

*To date, drag & drop is only available on start pages as well as in Wiki, blog and content apps.

You need help?

You have questions or need more information about your Digital Home? Then have a look at our COYO Campus. There you will not only find our bundled knowledge, but also smart podcasts and informative videos.


Laura Zichnowitz

As a member of the Customer Experience Team, Laura is dedicated to explaining our product. She makes technology seem simple and understandable even to non-technical people and always focuses on the story behind the story.

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