Cloud Release 33

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In Release 33 we continue to prepare for the big changes to come and will let you in on them! The beta features in COYO Lab are being updated and supplemented. Small but sophisticated changes await you in the UX.

COYO Lab: new features await you

We presented it to you in the last release: COYO Lab – your opportunity to test features early on and play a part in its development through your feedback. The current release also has interesting developments for you to test. But you can see for yourselves.


E-mail notifications in your COYO design

In the last iteration, we adjusted the content of the notifications to make it more informative. Now it’s time to take care of the design: the design you defined for your digital home will now also be adopted for the e-mail notifications. This boosts the recognition value. Go ahead and try it out!


New global search

You can now find the first iteration of the new global search in COYO Lab. The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the new design.




This first, new version of the search includes users, pages and communities. The editable search bar in the results list that lets you quickly readjust your search is particularly handy. Nothing beats checking out these and other improvements for yourselves.


Optimizing the mobile view

When you design your digital home, you can now see at first glance which of our widgets also work natively in COYO’s mobile app. The little smartphone icon beside the widgets tells you.


widgets mobile icons


New translation languages available

DeepL adds 12 more languages to its package: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish. This allows you to translate your Timeline posts and comments into a total of 21 different languages when the DeepL connection is enabled. 

Microsoft has also continued to ramp up and now offers translations in over 90 languages. 

What else is new?

  • Customized notification: users who are invited to a community as an admin will now receive this info in their notification.

  • We have widened the content area for all users with widescreen resolution. For everyone else, nothing changes.

  • The new “Recent blog posts” widget option is now also explained right in the product via the question mark icon.

  • Google Workspace users and groups can now be synchronized via the Google Workspace Admin SDK Directory API.


Need help?

Any questions or looking for more information about your digital home? Then have a look at our COYO Campus. Here you’ll find not only our knowledge database, but also smart podcasts and informative videos


Fridjof Lahde

Fridjof has made internal communication flesh and blood. He is your guide for great tips in building and expanding a vibrant COYO platform. He adapts every innovation in COYO for you and is also happy to work on new ideas.

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