Release 32

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With the release of version 32, we are paving the way for the expansion of COYO: from the update of Elasticsearch, an extension of user synchronization and the expansion of COYO plug-ins to the development of COYO Lab – things are on the move at COYO.


News specifically for me

One thing that has not only taken place in the backend is the further development of our “Latest Blog Articles” widget. The new settings options in the widget allow you to personalize the articles even more for your users. Instead of having to make a choice between displaying “selected blogs” or “subscribed blogs only”, you can now simply combine them and distribute your news in a targeted manner. 


There from the get-go!

We scratch your back and you scratch ours: that’s the motto of our COYO Lab. As we would like to see you participate even more in our development process, we are offering you the opportunity to test the COYO features in their beta phase. You can also send us your opinion and test results regarding the features. From this version on, you are welcome to activate experimental features that have not yet been officially released via your COYO administration. During the testing phase, these features may be lacking some functionalities and still have a few UI errors or bugs. However, trying them out brings you a step closer to our product development: you get a sneak peek at our ideas and we get early feedback from you.  


What’s happening in my digital home? 

Test the first iteration of new email notifications. The first feature in COYO Lab is unlocked. Email notifications are already more informative, displaying more content and more detailed information for your users. Such as the following: Who has sent news? Which page does the news come from and which company news items are of particular importance?  


New options for user synchronization

We have added more options to your user directory connection. You no longer need to run your AD exclusively through the LDAP protocol: 
You can now also synchronize users via the MS Graph API or Google Workspace API


News from the mobile world

As part of our product strategy realignment, COYO Engage becomes COYO App. Whether you use it via browser or app, the entire experience of your digital home is COYO. The name of our native app should reflect this. 


New name, new feature 

With the update to version 4.0, a new feature has been added to our COYO App: it now gives you access to your home pages. 


What else is new?
  • A few weeks ago we announced that we would make it possible to extend your digital home with plug-ins for COYO.  A wide range of options should be accompanied by easy connectivity. Those who have already started testing the options from the get-go can now look forward to an adapter for integration.  The plug-in adapter will make life easier for anyone who wants to create a plug-in for COYO.

  • COYO Search is based on the Elasticsearch search engine technology. Of course, we also update COYO whenever there is an update for the external technologies. Our developers have also adapted COYO’s code for the switch to Elasticsearch 7. You will thus benefit from better performance, better search scoring, and increased security. Want to find out how our developers work or what drives them in their everyday life? Check out our tech blog.

  • Security first: COYO will no longer develop features for the Edge44 browser version. The manufacturer Microsoft has suspended its further development. Although you can still download COYO via this browser version, we no longer put the functionalities through their paces.  


Need help?

Any questions or looking for more information about your digital home? Then have a look at our COYO Campus. Here you’ll find not only our knowledge database, but also smart podcasts and informative videos




Laura Zichnowitz

As a member of the Customer Experience Team, Laura is dedicated to explaining our product. She makes technology seem simple and understandable even to non-technical people and always focuses on the story behind the story.

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