A feast for the eyes: Release 31!

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Today we present to you the latest cloud version, and it’s a real eye-catcher! We have rethought the design of the document library and used the opportunity to make further improvements. In addition, you can now connect another translation service provider to have content in COYO translated from other languages.


Document library

We have given the document library a facelift, placing special emphasis on a clearly organized structure and a modern display of folders and files. Everything is cleaner and more clearly organized, with the time stamp showing users what they need: the day the last change was made.


File Library Ovierview


And since we attach great importance to user orientation, we have also implemented new icons. With their help and thanks to the new design, the file type is immediately and clearly visible.

new icons library


The so-called “breadcrumb navigation” has also been streamlined, with the navigation path showing the first and last folders. Everything in between is easily accessible via the dropdown menuClutter-free!



Safety first

COYO helps you reduce errors. Accidentally deleting a folder is a thing of the past. The deletion of entire folders must now be confirmed by deliberately ticking a box.

And while we were at it we also implemented this safety feature for deleting pages, communities, apps and wikis. Better safe than sorry. 



Translation alternative: Microsoft Translator

Looking for an alternative to DeepL for translating timeline posts and comments? It’s our pleasure to announce that you can now connect Microsoft Translator. It supports over 70 languages. Swedish or Fiji? No problem!


Synchronize profile fields with SAML Just-in-time

Good news for all admins who import their users into their COYO with SAML Just-in-time: we have extended the import. You can now add further profile fields.

This add-on allows you to add more user information to the profiles during import, such as location or telephone number. A good basis for full profiles – fine-tuning is up to the users.


What else?

  • For better performance: notifications older than 90 days are automatically deleted overnight.


Need help?

Any questions or looking for more information about your digital home? Then have a look at our COYO Campus. Here you’ll find not only our knowledge database, but also smart podcasts and informative videos


Fridjof Lahde

Fridjof has made internal communication flesh and blood. He is your guide for great tips in building and expanding a vibrant COYO platform. He adapts every innovation in COYO for you and is also happy to work on new ideas.

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