Roll up, roll up! Release 30 is coming!

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The latest release boasts a whole host of add-ons for your digital home. The blog app has gained a new feature, and our developers have worked extensively on COYO’s technical basis.


Blog app add-on

The new release includes a new blog app feature: Blog posts can now be printed out. Quickly and easily, with just a few clicks – either from the blog overview or directly from the desired blog article. 


Technical basics

It is essential that the basis underpinning any development – whether new feature or add-on – is right. If the basis isn’t right, this can cause problems later on. That’s why for this release we’ve focused on the technical basics of some specific features.

COYO Engage has acquired the technical basis to enable users to send and receive voice messages as the next step. With regard to our plug-ins, the developers of the respective add-ons can now call information about the system on which a plug-in has been installed. In addition, the hashtag settings in COYO have been migrated from AngularJS to Angular.



Need help?

Any questions or looking for more information about your digital home? Then have a look at our COYO Campus. Here you’ll find not only our knowledge database, but also smart podcasts and informative videos


• Simone Müller •

Focus on change: As an expert on internal communication and change management, Simone focuses in our blog on topics such as corporate communication and the launch of a social intranet. She incorporates her personal experience as a project lead and senior consultant with those of our clients.

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