Hello, Release 26!

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In this new Release 26, we show what has changed in event planning, explain the migration from Angular JS to Angular and tell you what M365 is all about. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Much smoother: Event planning

Event admins can now invite all members of a workspace to an event (if they have the rights to see the respective workspace). Workspaces are shown in the user selection where users can be easily selected and invited. Example: If you want to create an event for your "Running meet-up" workspace and invite all members, you needn’t select each of your colleagues individually as before, but can now select all of them with just one single click. 🧚🏻‍♀️By the way: This is the feature most often requested by our user community. 

1. User Chooser - Desktop - Select User (2)

Permissions: Two becomes one!

The two separate permissions for inviting groups to events and workspaces have been combined into one (to be found as "General" in the "Roles" section). This permission now also includes Workspaces.

New name, same content

Office 365 became Microsoft 365 – and that's why we renamed our integration to "Microsoft 365 for COYO" (M365 for COYO). For those of you who have never heard of it before: Microsoft 365 makes COYO even better because not only can you easily work together on documents, you can also synchronize your events. (💡More information about "M365 as Social Intranet" can be found here.)

Chinesisch 🇨🇳 & Japanisch 🇯🇵

Auto-Translations von Timeline-Postings und Kommentaren funktionieren nun auch auf Chinesisch und Japanisch. (うっほ!, Japanese for Juchu!)

URL as event location

When creating an event, you can now also define a URL as an event location. For example, you want to enter a virtual location (like a zoom link) instead of a geographical address? No problem.

Migration from Angular JS to Angular

For this part, we have written an extensive blog article especially for you in which we explain the reason behind this, highlight the advantages and venture a look into the future. 👉🏻 You can find the article here.



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