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All posts Published on 2.11.2018

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After the 3rd quarter of 2018 is now officially over we would like to give you a heads up about the status of our roadmap. As you might know we publish a quarterly roadmap with a commitment to the upcoming 2 quarters and a forecast for upcoming topics of the near future. For Q3 2018 we had 3 major features in our pipeline: External workspace members, search improvements and a messenger app for iOS and Android.


Search improvements

The search is one of the most vital features of any intranet. We gathered a lot of feedback from our customers over the last couple of months and enhanced our search accordingly. We adjusted the search algorithms to display the most relevant results on the first page and enhanced the use of multiple search terms. If you type in more than one word into the search after the update you will experience that COYO narrows down your results accordingly (opposed to extending the search as before). The updated search also provides various operators like AND, OR, NOT or wildcards for more sophisticated search queries. Though, the highlight of the new search is the quick entity search which suggests users, pages, workspaces and events as you type.

What's the timeline?
The development of this feature is completed and we are running last tests. Our plan is to release this feature until end of October on the cloud and in November for our on premise customers.


External workspace members

With this feature admins of workspaces will be able to invite external users to collaborate within the given workspace. Those users can be invited via email address and can then register their own COYO account. External users can only access workspaces they have been invited to and only see content available within these workspaces.

What's the timeline?
The development of this feature is completed and our quality assurance runs extensive tests at the moment. Our plan is to release this feature in November to our cloud and on premise customers.


Messenger app beta

This new native app for iOS and Android will be fully integrated into COYO and provides live communication as well as a digital address book with all your colleagues. 

What's the timeline?
The public beta program just started. The final release of the app is part of our roadmap for Q4 and will be released until the end of the year. 


• Sven Hoffmann •

Sven is product owner at COYO and responsible for the prioritization and further development of the product. He informs in the COYO blog about news from the development and gives an insight into upcoming innovations and optimizations.