On-Premises Release V28

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Introducing: On-Premises Version 28! Packed full of product improvements and innovations, you’ll enjoy an optimized search function, smart moving of widgets, and a number of improvements for planning events. 

But one thing at a time:


Searched and found! 🔎

We’ve worked hard on our search function for better search results. With clarity our top priority. In the hit list, we now arrange results by segment. With three hits displayed per segment. Can’t see the content you’re looking for in the top three hits? No problem. Simply click “Show all results” to display all the search results for the segment in question.

And that’s not all: We’ve also adjusted the filter logic. And you’ve guessed it: This also helps improve the overview. To streamline results, you can now select just one filter per segment.

Want to know how up to date the content is? Simply hover your mouse over the timestamp and you’ll see when it was last changed. 


Search Mock-Up-28


That’s smart: Move widgets

Got a widget in the wrong layout column on your page and want it in the right column instead of the left column? No problemo! Simply move the widget to where you want it using drag & drop.

Smart moving works on pages, homepages, and in all apps that can be designed with widgets. 




Workspaces becomes Communities

We’re renaming Workspaces “Communities”. We’ve decided that “Communities” far better reflects what we imagine this space to be: A platform for strengthening team spirit, pursuing common interests, and working together on projects.

Already customized your language keys? Don’t worry, they won’t be overwritten, and if you’d prefer to stick with the name “Workspaces”, simply read our article in our COYO Campus to find out how. 

workspaces - communities

Party planning made easy

Planning an event is now even easier. Event admins can invite all members of a community, as well as all subscribers of a page to their event with one simple click (provided they have the relevant permission to do so). How? The communities, pages, and groups are shown in the user selection. It couldn’t be quicker!

By the way, this feature is one of the features most frequently requested by our users 🙌.

And we’re not done yet – we’ve still got two more improvements for you:

  • We’ve made some minor changes to the permissions hierarchy for event invitations: You can now find the new permissions “Invite groups”, “Invite communities”, and “Invite pages” below the general permissions.
  • Planning a digital event? No problem. You can now store a URL as an event location.


What else is new?

  • Office 365 has become Microsoft 365 – accordingly, our integration is now called “Microsoft 365 for COYO” and O365 becomes M365.
  • うっほ! Yay! We’ve got new languages for automated translations: Japanese 🇯🇵 and Chinese 🇨🇳


Hey COYO, how do I update?

To help you update smoothly, we’ve summarized the most important information for you. Please read the respective notes for each version.

🙆🏻‍♂️ Any problems? Please contact us and open a ticket in our Service area – we’ll help you just as soon as we can.

Have fun with the COYO update – and trying out the cool new features!


Fridjof Lahde

Fridjof has made internal communication flesh and blood. He is your guide for great tips in building and expanding a vibrant COYO platform. He adapts every innovation in COYO for you and is also happy to work on new ideas.

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