Kick-off 2021 – How to Boost Your Employees’ Motivation

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Never before has a new year been so eagerly awaited as in 2020. Expectations for 2021 are high. From “It can’t get any worse!” to “Finally traveling again…” – let’s put it this way: At the turn of the year, a Bullshit Bingo would be filled in quickly. But in reality, everyone knows that the “New Normal” doesn't just end with the turn of the year. Many employees will continue to work from home for the first few months of the year and will not see their colleagues for the kick-off of 2021. It’s clear that the overall mood suffers as a result. But what can Internal Communication and management do to still give their employees a motivating start to the new year?


Communities for New Year’s Resolutions 

According to Statista, the top New Year’s resolutions among Germans are the same every year. This is also the case in 2021: In the survey, 52 percent said they wanted to eat healthier, 47 percent planned to exercise more, and 35 percent wanted to reduce or give up vices like smoking and alcohol. 

However, good intentions alone are often not enough to get really active. It is well known that resolutions are more likely to be followed through and implemented when people join together to pursue a common plan for implementation. This is not easy, especially with social distancing. So how about digital communities for related personal goals? COYO offers employees the opportunity to network within open and closed communities and to exchange ideas on specific topics. For example, healthy recipes, jogging routes, outdoor sports spots, or tips to stop smoking can be shared and commented on in a safe space.


Challenge accepted!

January is the month of challenges. Be it "Veganuary", a sports challenge, or “sober January" – all these plans have one thing in common: they only work in a group. COYO Communities can also be used for this purpose. For example, how about a challenge where colleagues post a photo of their sports practice or vegan lunch every day? This way, you can motivate each other day by day and persevere together. 💪


It’s helpful if Internal Communication encourages this exchange and creates the appropriate communities ahead of time. In the best case, the manager can also share their resolutions, take part in a challenge, and exchange ideas with like-minded people. This not only helps colleagues implement their resolutions, but also strengthens team spirit. 


Smart Investment

Another resolution that emerges from the above-mentioned study by Statista will especially please employers: Around 20 percent of respondents would like to perform better at their job. Our appeal to senior management: Meet this need, invest in your human resources, and enable your employees to perform at their best. 

Maybe you’ll start the year with a range of digital masterclasses that any employee can attend, depending on their interests? Or you could start an internal initiative where departments and teams give interested colleagues an insight into their respective areas? Watch out: The initiative should not be designed as a “mandatory event”. It should ultimately make employees feel valued and let them know that each individual is seen. This includes giving them the freedom to decide whether they want to take this opportunity or not.


Making corporate benefits digitally accessible

Corporate benefits are an important part of the employee experience. Sure, employees are happy to have fresh fruit and cold drinks in the office – but now most offices are closed and many employees are working remotely. No office, no fruit... and no reason to lose sight of corporate benefits. Instead, invest in digital opportunities for your employees. There are many options here: they can range from online yoga classes to digital cooking classes to free access to a meditation app.


Be creative! Especially during the darker months, it is important to promote the physical and mental health of your employees. Why not kick off 2021 with new employee benefits – this will not only lift the general mood, but also promote employee loyalty.

We hope you have a successful start into the new year and look forward to new trends and innovations in Internal Communication! If you need support for optimizing your employee experience, we will, of course, continue to be here for you in 2021.


Dorothee Thomsen

Our online editor Dorothee shares new work trends, and the latest innovations, as well as anything that goes beyond the buzzwords in the COYO blog.

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