Just in: Release 25!

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With the new Release 25, you can expect not only an improved Image widget, but also a dynamic colleague search and other exciting new features. Curious? Then let’s go! We’ll explain what the new release brings with it.


Small improvement, huge difference: the Image widget 📸

We’ve redesigned the Image widget, giving it not only an improved design, but also cool new features that are sure to impress. Most important first: Until now, the images were displayed quite small on the frontend, so we resized them and made them look better. In addition, the images now cover the entire surface of the widget – adios, white border!

Image widget, frontend

In addition, there is now a settings dialog that allows you to add links to images. So now when you upload an image, you can preview it before you save it, as well as add a link to the image. And the best part: The links can be set to “Open in a new tab” or as internal links. Super practical!

Image widget, settings

🧐 The colleague search – more dynamic, please

As many of you have requested, we have implemented a dynamic search for colleagues with specific expertise. As before, Admins can still configure colleagues’ overview cards to display fields such as “Expertise” for every user, but until now, these were not included in the colleague search.

From now on, any fields that Admins configure to display on colleague overview cards will be searchable. Previously, colleagues could only be found by default categories (first name, last name, e-mail, department, and job title). As of now, the search results can be configured dynamically to the same extent as the cards. So if an Admin has configured the colleague cards to also show their birthday, hometown, and expertise, all these fields will be included in the search. As for you? This means you will find exactly the right people you’re looking for!


Cool little details:

1. Even faster: now you can open your Launchpad with the keyboard shortcut “l”.

2. “Stickied” posts or shared posts are only pinned to the profiles, workspaces, pages, and event timelines of the recipients. 📌 They are marked as “stickied” on the author’s timeline, but are no longer pinned.

3. Admins can now use SAML just-in-time provisioning as a user import method.

4. The new User Chooser UI was implemented for inviting additional participants to an existing event.


Have fun with the COYO Release 25 – and with trying out the new functions!



• Sarah Mag •

Sarah works for COYO as a PR manager and is passionate about all topics linked with communication and media. In her blog she reports on exciting COYO and product news.

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