How to boost internal acceptance for new tools

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Honestly – we all know that a social intranet can have numerous positive effects on the most diverse areas of a company. More efficient knowledge sharing, an increased identification with the company as well as improved communication and information flow are just some of the many advantages a social intranet provides. 

So we all agree that a social intranet like this is pretty cool. One very important factor nevertheless determines whether your social intranet will be a success or not: user acceptance and the associated user participation. Even if you launch the most modern and chic intranet – if nobody uses it, it’s all in vain.

Employee acceptance is thus one of the key elements in the success of your social intranet. But how can you promote willingness to use the new tool? Below are three of the most important factors influencing user acceptance.

1. Mobile reachability is also ensured

The first thing you can tweak to increase user acceptance of your social intranet is compatibility. How compatible is your social intranet with your employees’ daily work? How well does it suit their approach to work? And how accessible is it really? 

What do production employees, drivers, tour guides, store employees and tradespeople all have in common? They rarely have a PC workstation. So if you introduce or use a social intranet that is only accessible from your own network, or only has a desktop version, then it is simply not accessible for the above-mentioned professions.

However, this does not mean that a social intranet is only relevant for colleagues in the office. It is especially important to make your mobile employees feel like they are part of the team and receive relevant information as reliably as their office colleagues. You should thus take great care to ensure that your new social intranet really is accessible to everyone and from anywhere. It should be flexible and adapt to your employees’ daily work routine – not the other way around.


2. Playfully create awareness

Sound strange? The fun factor really is enormously important in contributing to user acceptance. Alongside user-friendliness, which makes users enjoy being on the social intranet, there are numerous gamification approaches that can increase user acceptance of your social intranet. You can get your employees on board even before launching the new communication platform. By organizing a naming contest, for example. What should your new Digital Home be called? This allows you to inform and activate your employees even before the launch, involve them in important decision-making processes and thus boost awareness and involvement from the very start. At the same time, you will benefit from numerous creative tips for a suitable name. 

3. Internal influencers as multipliers

Select opinion leaders and particularly active users and systematically leverage them as multipliers and internal influencers in order to spread a positive image of the social intranet within your company and demonstrate its advantages.

It is important to win over advocates and active users in as many different positions as possible. Also sensitize management and department heads to the fact that their activities on the social intranet are extremely important. A CEO blog, Q&A sessions, open discussions and video messages are just a few examples of how you and your colleagues can create a Digital Home that is relevant to all employees.



Lisa Borchert

Lisa is Product Marketing Manager at COYO and after 1.5 years in Sales she knows exactly what is important to our customers. In her master thesis Lisa also focused on the success factors of Social Intranets. So she is the expert when it comes to putting theory into practice and knows what you should pay attention to in your project right from the start.

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