How to involve production staff more effectively – and boost revenue

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The problem with your internal communication is that it doesn’t reach ALL employees, but rather only those who sit at a computer every day. While white-collar workers are just a click away from the very latest information, this same information never reaches colleagues without access to a PC or only does so with great difficulty (and much more slowly). As a result, your blue-collar employees feel unappreciated and lose all motivation. In order to change this state of affairs, you are probably searching for a social intranet tool that allows you to connect with your entire workforce, from production staff on the factory floor through to the head of HR in the office. Fortunately, you’re on the right track! We will tell you why a mobile social intranet is the perfect solution to your problem, why it’s so important to include your blue-collar workers, and how the company as a whole benefits.

The problem 

Skilled technicians, nurses, and warehouse operatives are just some of those who work without a computer on a day-to-day basis. Instead of being informed about company news via a website like their white-collar counterparts, they have to browse a bulletin board every day or find an available computer. Location-independent employees, such as delivery personnel and truck drivers, don’t even have this “old school” way of accessing information. The consequence? Despondency. 


No communication? No motivation. 

If employees without access to a PC are not sufficiently included in internal communication, they not only lose their sense of belonging, but also their motivation. They don’t know (or only find out too late) why, for example, production processes have been changed, what the results of their work are, and what the company has achieved. Instead of questioning things and contributing their knowledge to help improve workflows, blue-collar workers simply work through their tasks and look forward to clocking off. They do not feel appreciated and do not identify with the company. Surprising? Not really. There is also a seemingly irreconcilable gulf between production staff and white-collar workers, as the latter always receive information sooner, have a greater say, and are seen by blue-collar workers as a more valued part of the company.


The solution

The days in which only white-collar workers are kept informed about company news are long gone. Especially given the following statistic: according to a 2018 mobileJob study, roughly 3/4 of all employees work without a computer. More than you would have expected, right? And in light of the skills shortage, the competition to attract blue-collar workers is particularly fierce. In order to satisfy and nurture these employees, you need an internal communication solution that reaches deskless employees and desktop users simultaneously. With a social intranet, complete with employee app, you can solve precisely this problem. 


Desktop + smartphone = ❤️? 

While employees working at computers can access information via the social intranet, you can easily keep blue-collar workers informed by smartphone. The fact is that 57 million people in Germany already own a smartphone, which is why you will have no problems connecting with your production staff. The key term: “bring your own device.” 

A mobile social intranet is the perfect tool for connecting all employees and properly involving each and every member of staff. Everyone is reached at the same time, regardless of when and where they work.


Benefits for the company

“And how does the company benefit?” is an important question – and often one of the first to be asked (if you have read this article before the question is asked, you can impress management with the answer). According to the German Social Collaboration Study 2018 by Campana Schott, an employee is up to 30% more efficient when they frequently use social collaboration tools. Yep, it’s true. And there’s more! The use of a mobile social intranet is also reflected in a more positive corporate culture. First and foremost, there will be a lasting improvement in terms of collaboration between different departments, teams, and hierarchical levels, with optimized processes boosting employee motivation.

„Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person - not just an employee - are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.“ 

- Anne M. Mulcahy (US-amerikanische Managerin, CEO)

This increase in employee satisfaction also pushes up enterprise value and has a positive impact on revenue. Thanks to the integration of blue-collar workers in internal communication, problems can be identified and resolved far more quickly. Furthermore, knowledge about production processes can be shared much more efficiently and made available for all. Cross-locational processes are accelerated, ideas shared, and problems solved. 

How about an example?

Let’s assume that a production manager, based in Berlin, has a problem with a machine and that none of his on-site coworkers can help him. Instead of spending ages looking for a solution, making phone calls, and sending e-mails, he uses his smartphone to post his problem on the social intranet, where everyone can read it. A colleague from another site is familiar with the problem and soon provides a helpful answer. Or he might get a response from the office worker who was responsible for procuring the machine and who knows where to find the solution. Sometimes it’s that easy.  

Benefits for deskless employees

It’s not just the company that benefits from the new way of communicating with blue-collar workers, but the employees themselves too. It’s much easier for them to organize shift plans, communicate with colleagues, teams, and other departments in real time, and set up private groups (e.g. for a shared hobby). They will see the latest company news in their time line, receive invitations to events along with everyone else, and will find the right contact person for their questions thanks to the search function. Whenever and wherever.

Everyone’s a winner

Unhappy, unmotivated employees are a thing of the past, as all employees are informed at the same time. Therefore, your deskless employees feel more closely involved and are much more willing to contribute their knowledge and skills in an innovative and creative way – and to work proactively. #Winwin

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