How digitalization makes you more attractive as an employer

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Mountains of files lying on desks, a tired fax machine creaking in the background, graveyards of data accumulating on an old computer and an e-mail inbox that’s a total mess, while an employee sits in the middle of it all, calmly filing forms. This more or less describes the situation in many companies that have avoided the topic of modernization to date. But does that mean: modern workplace, agile working methods and digitalization? Not even close.

Decision makers often find it difficult to break with old patterns and address the topic of digital tools. And yet they can solve your internal problems – whether it’s cross-location networking, secure data exchange, corporate culture or employer attractiveness. Not at all unimportant. After all, a good image is worth gold in the never-ending war for talent. The fact is that employees now change jobs much more frequently and quickly, looking for a better employer image and higher digital standards while taking along valuable knowledge every time they change jobs. Employee expectations regarding their own workplace have also increased dramatically, and employees are demanding more transparency and a business-oriented knowledge management system that significantly improves internal collaboration.

Digitalization: a mammoth of a project?

However, although modernizing and digitizing a company may seem like a mammoth project, it’s worth the effort if you understand the advantages of digital tools (such as a social intranet). This is where we come in, showing you how to get a handle on increasing employee turnover and avoid e-mail chaos and data ‘cemeteries’ while also demonstrating how uncomplicated internal collaboration can be.


Breaking with old patterns & stopping employee turnover

Some companies seem frozen in time for far too long – places where old habits die hard. For example? Certain information is passed on orally as well as only to “selected colleagues” – whether in a meeting, in the hallway or at an annual party. What used to work (more or less) is now doomed to fail, because the generation of digital natives is looking for a more professional approach to knowledge management. In order to briefly illustrate this: one result of the “Global Perspectives Barometer 2017 – Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow” study (2017) was that digital natives attach great importance to a transparent work environment with free access to information. This is above all a matter of sharing the information that enables optimal collaboration. It’s no wonder companies have to tackle another problem: rising rates of employee turnover. ↗️ Ambitious employees change jobs much more quickly than they used to, often taking along valuable knowledge as well. The frequent changes in the workforce means that networking between colleagues and communication with the employer also suffer.

How to increase your attractiveness as an employer

Modern technologies and a digital workplace are indispensable when it comes to increasing your company’s attractiveness as an employer and recruiting (and retaining) young, highly qualified employees. This not only enhances your corporate image, but also creates the kind of environment that sought-after professionals are looking for. Employee expectations have changed fundamentally as a result of new information and communication technologies. The development of digital information technology has also raised expectations regarding employers. Internal processes have to become more transparent, collaborative and interdisciplinary, while communication must be easier, more intuitive and more digital.


Another reason for high rates of turnover is the trend towards increasing mobility in terms of living and working locations. Companies in rural areas in particular are losing young high potentials who are attracted to the city and to companies with an attractive image. And high digitalization standards can also result in employee poaching – reason enough to support digital transformation, enhance your company’s image and stop the turnover trend.

❗️Conclusion: The best tool to help companies digitize and increase their attractiveness as an employer is a social intranet that includes an employee app. And we’ll also tell you why.


With a social intranet like COYO and a native employee app, you can easily collaborate digitally from anywhere, network with any employee across locations and reach every coworker at any time. 💚 You want to learn more? Take a look at our website or call us.



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