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We show you how we’ve improved both the Teaser and the Media widget in the all-new Release 24 and what’s new in event planning. To top it off, there’s new information about changing and resetting passwords. Curious? Great, let’s go!

Significantly improved: The Teaser widget

Our Teaser widget has been reworked with a chic new design. In addition, there are now two default image formats (in 3:1 and 1:1 ratios) that can be used to present your content even more effectively. This enables you to use any editor to create images with pixel-level accuracy that are displayed the same on any device (regardless of screen size). 



We’ve also made considerable improvements to the slider. You can now manually adjust the speed/display duration, and editing and arranging is easier than ever with the new drag-and-drop feature

To make text easier to read, we have changed the design of the Teaser widget. To accomplish this, however, we had to make some conceptual changes, which is why we removed the option to add a subline to the image within the slider. Additionally, there is now a character restriction for the optional headline to give editors more orientation guidance when creating content.

You can find out exactly how it works here.



The Media widget – completely revamped!

The media widget has also been updated: the form elements have been redesigned, the structure of the settings has been improved, and the tab navigation has been removed so that you can see all information at a glance. You can now also easily rename uploaded pictures and select thumbnails via a checkbox. In addition, images and other media are rendered larger because the widget now uses more screen space. 

You can find out exactly how it works here.


With these modifications, the look is also changing: the media widget now adapts to your content and shows the number of images available (based on your selection of thumbnails).

Invitations to Events

🔍  Searching & Finding

It is now much easier to find colleagues or groups when creating invitations – thanks to the search bar. You can search by name, job title, and department.

👥 Manage invitations

You can even select all colleagues and groups from your entire Social Intranet and invite them to your event with just one click. Don’t worry, before you send the invitation, you can double-check whether you really want to have everyone there – and easily remove users or groups if necessary.

You can find out exactly how it works here.

Changing your first password

Every local employee and those imported via CSV (with a password) must change their initial password the first time they log in to COYO. The password change request is made before the respective employees can access their new Digital Home. This change applies to COYO and also to our employee app, COYO Engage.

🔁 Resetting your password

Until now, if users forgot their password, an e-mail with a password recovery link was sent to the e-mail address saved in COYO. But what if a user (e.g. a frontline worker) has no e-mail address in COYO? Or if employees are required to work from home and have no access to their company e-mail from there?

Both of these cases are now covered by an alternative option that all employees can use to reset their password.

💡By clicking on the “Forgot password” button in the login screen, colleagues are now offered either the standard procedure (password recovery via link) or they can choose to be contacted by their Super Admin. This person has the authority to change your password after authentication.


Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 15.42.32

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 15.43.33


😎 Cool little details:

1. The Outlook app in the Launchpad now displays unread mails

2. Your COYO events are already synchronized with your Outlook or Google calendars – additionally, these entries now also contain a link that allows you to quickly return from your calendar to the respective event in COYO

We hope you enjoy testing out the many new features in COYO’s release 24!



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