COYO is awarded as "leader" of the ISG Provider Lens

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We have some great news which make us super proud and which we would like to share with you: COYO was awarded in the ISG Provider Lens Report 2019 for the second time in a row! 🏆 While we were named "Rising Star" last year, this time we even managed to climb the podium as "Leader" in the area of Enterprise Social Collaboration Solutions. What makes us especially happy? The award confirms that COYO is evolving rapidly and is the ideal digital collaboration solution for companies of all sizes. What the ISG study is about and which criteria have been considered, we'll explain to you now.


COYO is the "leader" of enterprise social collaboration solutions

Publisher of the ISG Report is - Surprise! - ISG (Information Services Group), a leading global technology research and consulting company. As part of the ISG Provider Lens Germany 2019, ISG has carried out a multi-stage research and analysis process to examine the relevant service providers in the German market and awarded prizes to the best.

ISG examined three different quadrants in the area of "Social business collaboration - services and solutions":
1. Enterprise social collaboration - consulting and integration
2. Social media management solutions
3. Enterprise social collaboration solutions

Before it gets too theoretical, let's summarize: COYO was analyzed within the third quadrant. We did really well and were therefore named leader. For example, criteria such as saving on e-mails, a measurable increase in productivity and the provision or integration with the areas of productivity, knowledge management, content collaboration and workflow management were evaluated. The award also confirms a "highly attractive product and service offering and a strong market and competitive position". According to ISG, we are even a guarantor of innovation and stability and are classified as a strategic trendsetter and opinion leader. Oops, stop - we're going to get a little red right now. 🙈



COYO positions itself through growth, mobile app and Office 365 integration

ISG's analysis also shows that we have particular strengths in three areas:
  • Our mobile app solution COYO Engage offers employee engagement, communication network, intranet and security functions.
  • We also scored well with the Office 365 integration: It enables users to take the first step into the digital workplace based on Office 365 and connects the workforce through integration and content management.
  • And last but not least: We are growing rapidly - both in terms of sales and our customer base.

So we're upbeat and excited - and happy that we're on the right track with COYO! 💪 #gocoyo


• Sarah Mag •

Sarah works for COYO as a PR manager and is passionate about all topics linked with communication and media. In her blog she reports on exciting COYO and product news.

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