The perfect match: COYO extensions and plug-ins

All posts Published on 16.02.2021

A digital home like COYO is more important for your employees than ever before in the New Normal. To ensure that processes also function smoothly when working from home, the digital workplace must of course be equipped as well as possible and the platform should offer an extension option in the event of new requirements. That’s why COYO gives you the option of extending your social intranet with plug-ins and thus connecting it directly to third-party systems. 


What exactly are plug-ins good for?


Plug-ins extend existing software. A type of interface, they can connect third-party systems and export them via COYO’s widget feature. Simply put, the plug-in makes third-party system functionalities available in your social intranet without sending users to another tool. 

Depending on your requirements and use cases, the following plug-ins categories are useful when it comes to extending your social intranet:


1. Interaction tools

Whether it’s idea management, playful knowledge transfer, live voting, or surveys that motivate – interactive plug-in solutions facilitate many things. 


2. HR tools

Simple, fast and straightforward management of vacation leave or shift work? That’s no longer a problem thanks to plug-ins! The relevant HR tool allows you, for example, to transparently map the viewing and creation of shift schedules in COYO. As users must no longer switch between two systems or fill out external forms, the entire process can take place directly in your COYO.


3. Social media tools

What’s the best way to network your internal and external communication? Simply use a plug-in to display your company’s current LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram in COYO – and never miss out on a company post again. 


4. Webcasting and podcasting tools

Share team meetings or video messages from your board of directors live with your entire workforce? Webcasting and video-on-demand plug-ins make it a cinch to stream events within COYO and then share the video recordings with everyone. 


Who can develop and provide plug-ins?

Theoretically, anyone with sufficient developer skills can build plug-ins to extend COYO. To offer any company and its employees an ideal set-up and enable extensions in keeping with their requirements, we leverage our strong network of partners. Our portfolio ranges from digital agencies and IT management consultancies with their own development sites to technology partners that bring along suitable plug-ins as third-party system providers through to plug-in developers. Customers with the relevant know-how and resources can even build plug-ins on their own.   



All advantages at a glance 



Every company is different and has its own individual IT system landscape. Plug-ins allow you to connect all sorts of external tools to your COYO – to suit your needs and requirements. 



Developing plug-ins to suit individual requirements can be time-consuming and expensive. Good news: thanks to COYO’s plug-in option, you can avoid the extra effort of developing them separately. Existing (third-party) solutions can be accessed via interfaces – without incurring substantial integration costs.



After two lockdowns and several months of remote work, everyone knows that new demands on your social intranet can always pop up at the last minute. The option of extending your communication platform with external solutions to suit your own requirements is the prerequisite for being able to react to changing needs at any time – even at short notice.


Self-service thanks to easy integration

The feature buffet is open: COYO customers can effectively help themselves to external solutions and connect them on their own. Plug-in extensions are simple to install via Click & Select. The great advantage is that rather than remain limited to solutions and features that are already part of your social intranet, you always have the option of looking beyond these company boundaries.


🧩 Want to learn more about your individual options of using and extending COYO? Then feel free to contact us so we can help you find the ideal plug-in solution for your application.



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