Cloud Release 34

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The latest cloud version is ready to make a comeback: the betting game app is back in time for the UEFA European Soccer Championships!


Crown yourself

Kick-off, here we go! The UEFA European Soccer Championships begin on June 11 and along with them the competition for the betting crown. That’s where the betting game app comes in handy to liven things up when you are working from home: compete with your colleagues and find out who has the best nose for the results.

You can easily activate the app via your COYO administration. You can integrate it on pages and in communities.

➡️  Activation and use of the app is explained in the COYO Campus.


New design for shared events

We have another feast for the eyes and something to boost user experience: the design for shared events has been adapted and now gives more information at a glance. And the fact that you can react to the event right in the shared post and show that you have participated is especially convenient.

➡️  Find more information about event participation at the COYO Campus.


News from the mobile world

With the update to version 4.5.0, a new feature that many of you have been asking for has been added to the COYO app: deletion of chat messages. Accidentally selected the wrong image or want to correct your text again? No problem. Simply select the relevant message, delete it and write a new one.

➡️  Find out exactly how this works in the COYO Campus.

Furthermore, since version 4.4.0 of the COYO app, the wiki app can also be accessed natively on mobile devices.


Testing, testing, testing: new global search

With the last release, we created the technical framework for the first iteration of the new global search. Alongside the new design, there is even more to discover. Find out more about the scope of the new features and when you can start testing them on our product roadmap. Find out how to activate the feature in the COYO Lab here.


Need help?

Do you have questions or are you looking for more information about your digital home? Then take a look at our COYO Campus. There you will not only find our bundled knowledge, but also smart podcasts and informative videos


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