Good News – COYO is now climate neutral!

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Although we mostly spread the tips and news about digital transformation here, our own development towards sustainability is of course just as important for us. That’s why we are particularly pleased to announce that COYO has been certified as a climate-neutral company this year. 


Climate-neutral company – what does that actually mean?

Every company generates CO2 emissions – due to business travel, server activity, production, office operations and much more. That makes it important to account for every last source of emissions in order to then reduce them as planned while on the road to climate neutrality. Although not all emissions can be avoided of course, they can be offset through various climate protection projects. That’s why at the end of last year we started to offset internal flights with Atmosfair (about 36t/CO2).


What concrete measures has COYO taken?

For all other calculated emissions, we have teamed up with climate partners to offset them for 2019 and support various projects. We donate about 25% of our compensation volume to the German forestry protection association Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V. in order to help them plant trees on a regional level and inform students about the forest’s importance for the climate. 🌳🌲🌿

The remaining 75 percent of our compensation volume goes to support what we see as a super innovative project called Plastic Bank – a global network of companies that generates aid money by selling appropriately processed plastic waste to brands that reuse “social plastic” in their products. The proceeds generated are used for ocean protection projects and sustainable development work in Southeast Asia. More than 15,737 tons (!) of plastic waste have been recycled since the Plastic Bank was founded seven years ago. 

We are more than happy to play a small part in supporting this fantastic idea! 😳 🥰 


What has been accomplished?

Thanks to our climate partners we have saved as much as 136 tons of CO2. No clue what this actually means? See the comparisons provided below:

COYO-Climate neutral 2-1

Although we of course still have a long way to go in reducing our overall emissions, every step in the right direction counts! And that’s why we are veeery happy and proud of the first climate neutral year in COYO’s history and will continue to do our best!



Dorothee Thomsen

Our online editor Dorothee shares new work trends, and the latest innovations, as well as anything that goes beyond the buzzwords in the COYO blog.

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